Adorably Easy Easter Party Games for Toddlers

Finding the right Easter party games for toddlers is the key to a good time. Here are several to try this coming Easter season that your tots will love!

Toddlers are a great amount of fun and particularly so when you are able to get them into a holiday atmosphere. Easter is one of the funnest holidays around so it is the perfect time for a party! Finding the right Easter party games for toddlers is the key to a good time. Here are several to try this coming Easter season!

Easter Party Games for Toddlers

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

 Easter Party Games for Toddlers

No Easter party would be complete for toddlers without a classic Easter egg hunt. Keep the kiddos indoors and hide all the beautiful Easter eggs that they spent the afternoon making in the yard. Then have them come out and search them all to add to their baskets!

The Egg Toss

This is a ton of fun but it can get messy. Line up the little tykes in a row and have them toss eggs back and forth. Each successful toss allows one step backwards. See who can get the farthest back before cracking the eggs. This is fun to do as a parent/toddler team.

Hide and Seek

Why complicate matters? Simply have a good game of hide and seek to jazz up any Easter celebration. One fun thing you can do to make it more exciting is to dress up an adult in a bunny suit to be “it” and find the children.

Easter Bowling
This is a super fun game that is easy to do. Take several old soda two liter bottles and have the kids make them into bunnies with craft paper and scissors. Once you are finished, take the bottles out on the carport, driveway or other smooth surface for a good old game of bowling for bunnies. Set up the two liters like bowling pins and use a lightweight ball for a bowling ball. This provides hours of fun for toddlers of all ages.

The Sock Hop

Get some old flour sacks and have a sock hop to end all races. This is a ton of fun and can be done by toddlers and adults alike. Put both feet in and hop your way to a predetermined finish line. This Easter party game for toddlers will keep the laughter flowing and the competitive juices as well. Just be careful to check the running area for holes or dangerous objects before racing.

These Easter party games for toddlers are only a few of the fun ideas you can enjoy. Spend some time crafting new versions of old ideas and you can even create your own!

What ideas do you have that you would like to share for Easter party games?





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17 thoughts on “Adorably Easy Easter Party Games for Toddlers

  1. I don’t really have any ideas but I love yours. I know my grandchildren will love the bowling one.

  2. Egg Hunt is a must and I also like the Sock Hop. How about “Pin the tail on the Rabbit” then each kid gets a treat?

  3. Those are all fun ideas. I think my nieces would love those.

  4. When we lived in Florida my SIL there had a big tarp the kids all gathered around to make the eggs fly in the air like popcorn. It was a tarp designed for such things and we made games out of that… fun stuff, and I forgot about it until now. 🙂

  5. my grandson would love your Easter bowling idea, we’re definitely going to do it, thx!

  6. Such fun ideas !! Mine is just the Easter basket hunt. It’s already filled they just have to find it someplace in the house, and because we have 7 grandkids under 6yrs we give them a plastic egg and that’s their color of basket they have to find. If they find somebody elses they aren’t supposed to tell unless it’s the 1yr olds, but they still do. They have lots of fun but I might try some of yours this year ! Thank you !

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