13 Epic Indoor Birthday Party Games for 5-year-old (Complete Guide)

The best indoor birthday party games for 5 year olds. Including theme ideas and a detailed timeline for a smashing party. Kids will have a blast.
Planning an indoor bash for your child’s 5th birthday is so much fun, from the cake and decorations to the games they will play!

Preparing a few indoor party games for the kids to play is not as difficult as it may seem.

There are so many different options to choose from!

Check out these fun ideas flowing for some great indoor party games for kids age 5 years old and their friends!

We’ll also give you a few fun party themes and an easy-to-follow timeline to keep the good times going!

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas & Timeline for Age 5

A good party timeline is the key to any successful event, but it’s essential when you’re throwing a party for kindergarten kids!

You want to avoid gaps in the fun because we all know that gaps lead to boredom and boredom leads to meltdowns!

Here’s a good party timeline for a 5th birthday party.

Since mid-afternoon is typically the best time for a birthday party for five-year-old kids, we’ve tailored this one with a 2PM start time. You can customize it based on your start time, though.

  • 2:00pm- Guests will start arriving! Have kids color while waiting for all the guests to arrive.
  • 2:15pm- Time to play games! (Check our ideas below)
  • 3:00pm- Time to open presents!
  • 3:15pm- Time for cake and ice cream!
  • 3:45pm- Wrap up the birthday party! Hand out party favors to the guests and wait for their parents arrive to pick them up.

Don’t forget the toys 7 Awesome Indoor Party Toys For 5 Year Olds

Now that we have covered the party timeline, let’s check out a party games ideas for age of 5

Indoor Birthday Party Games for Age 5

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  1. Musical Chairs

A birthday classic!

  • All you need is a bunch of chairs, one less than the number of guests you have, and music.
  • When you start the music, the kids walk about the chairs (face them out, so they walk around the outside of the circle of chairs).
  • When you stop the music, they must sit in the closest chair, and the one left standing is out.  This happens until there is one chair and 2 guests!


  1. Dance Party

This is a great thing to have them do while you are getting the cake or party food prepped.

  • Just play some music and let them have a dance party.
  • Kids love music, it will keep them entertained for a bit while you tend to other party needs.
  • You can even go with a whole dance party theme!

  1. Mummy Wrap

  • A few rolls of toilet paper is all you need.
  • Break the kids up into teams (teams of 3 work best).
  • They have to pick one person to be the mummy and the other 2 take the toilet paper and start wrapping the mummy.
  • Be sure to time this!
  • The first team done wins!

  1. Relay Races

You can do this in many different ways, but here is the general idea.

Because you are doing this inside, you want to avoid using things like eggs and water balloons.

  • In their place, you can use plastic balls or potatoes.
  • Split the kids up in 2 lines facing each other.
  • One side will have the spoons and potato (or whatever you choose) and the other is waiting on receiving the spoon.
  • They can not drop the potato on their way to pass it to their friend.
  • The last pair standing wins!


  1. Hula Hoop Dance Off

Everyone at the party will get a kick out of this one!

  • Turn on the tunes and give all your guests their own Hula Hoop.
  • You can pick them up cheap at the dollar store. Tell the kids they have to keep the Hula Hoop going, but here’s the twist: they have to use their funkiest dance moves while doing it!
  • Just make sure you do this in a room with plenty of space for all the kids!

  1. Simon Says

One party guest will be Simon and stands in front of the other players.

  • Simon gives orders to the other players, like “touch your nose” or “jump up and down.”
  • However, the players should only respond to order that start with, “Simon says,” like “Simon says touch your nose.”
  • If Simon doesn’t start the order with “Simon says,” and a player follows the order, they are eliminated from the game.
  • The last person standing is the winner!

  1. Hot Potato

The kids all stand in a circle and one player starts the game by holding a potato.

  • An adult starts playing music, while the potato is passed from guest to guest, until the music stops.
  • The player holding the potato when the music stops is out of the game.
  • The last player standing wins the game.

  1. Sardines

Sardines is a hide-and-seek game, but with a twist.

  • One player hides, while the rest of the players count to ten.
  • Then, the seekers pan out to find the hidden player.
  • As they find the hidden player, the seekers join that player.
  • The last seeker to join the rest of the hidden players, is the next player to hide.

  1. Sleeping Lions

This is a great game to play towards the end of the party, to settle the kids down.

  • All the kids lie on the floor, being as quiet and as still as possible.
  • An adult walks around and eliminates anyone they hear making a noise or anyone they see moving.
  • The last party guest lying is the winner!

Now that you have the games planned, let’s pick a theme! Check out a few of our favorites.

Indoor Birthday Party Themes for Age 5

Looking for a few themes for your child’s 5th birthday party? Check out a few of our favorites!

  1. Ballerina

Ballerina theme birthday parties are perfect for little girls.

  • Use invitations with ballet shoes or pink invitations with ribbon.
  • For decorations, display pink and white balloons in the party area and use pink tablecloths with tiara centerpieces on the party tables. Party City has an AMAZING Ballerina selection. Check it out.
  • For food ideas, serve petite fours and pink lemonade.


  1. Bumblebee

Bumblebee theme birthday parties are perfect for girls or boys.

  • Use invitations with bumblebees or black and yellow invitations.
  • For decorations, decorate the party area in black, white and yellow colors. Don’t forget to get this cute mask.
  • For food ideas, serve honey graham crackers and lemonade.


  1. Fireman

Fireman theme birthday parties are ideal for little boys.

  • Use invitations with fire trucks or red invitations.
  • For decorations, hang red and white streamers in the party area and display black, red, white and yellow balloons as well. Here is an interesting firefighter party kit.
  • For food ideas, serve hot dogs, chips and cherry Kool-Aid.


  1. Zoo

Zoo theme birthday parties are ideal for girls or boys.

  • Use invitations with zoo animals or animal prints.
  • For decorations, scatter plush zoo animals in the party area.
  • For food ideas, serve animal crackers, popcorn and peanuts.


Planning indoor party games for age 5 is really as easy as using your imagination to reimagine the space and objects in your home in a new way.

Look around and think how you can turn ordinary things into an exciting game for your guests.

I bet you’ll come up with some exciting ideas too!

Do you have any favorite themes or indoor party ideas for age 5? Share below!

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