Exciting Party games for kids ages 3-5

Exciting Party games for kids ages 3-5 | MyKidsGuide.com

The wonderful thing about party games for kids ages 3-5 is the awe and wonder in their eyes when they play a new game. Pretty much any game will do for kids ages 3-5 simply because they enjoy everything. Party games in particular are a huge hit with this age group. Here are five of the more popular party games for kids ages 3-5. 


Party games for kids ages 3-5

Musical Booty Bump

Exciting Party games for kids ages 3-5: musical

This one is easily a favorite simply because it mixes several elements that kids love; music, dancing and flopping around. Kids really enjoy flopping around. Anyways, the game is simple. Give each child a cushion (Affiliate) and put them all in the middle of the room. Make sure there are no breakables around and play some music. When the music hits, the kids dance in place to the tune. When the music stops, each child has to sit down as quickly as they can on their own cushion. The last one to sit down is out and the game continues until you have a final winner. 

Don’t Drop the Cookie

There are many variations of this one but the premise is the same. Have a child lay on their back and put their hands at their sides. Place a cookie on each child’s forehead and instruct them not to let the cookie fall. Then give them a series of instructions that purposefully tries to make the cookie fall. Examples are leg lifts, back arches and head turns. The last child with their cookie in place wins an extra cookie.

Freeze Tag

Yes, it has been around forever but it still is a top game for 3-5 year olds. Designate an area to not go outside of and have one person be it. That person then runs around tagging friends and “freezing” them in place. The tagged person can only move when someone that is not “it” touches them. The person that is “it” continues until they tag and freeze everyone.


Exciting Party games for kids ages 3-5 | MyKidsGuide.com

Like freeze tag, this is a classic. The best part about limbo as a party game for ages 3-5 is that it can be done anywhere with very little in the way of supplies. All you really need is a little space and a bar of some kind. A broom, mop or long stick can even work if you need it. Simply have children take turns limboing under the bar and eliminate them when they touch or collapse going under.

Heads up Seven Up

This is an awesome game for this age group of kids and is also quite easy to set up. Have seven of your party guests stand up front and have the other kids sit or lay with their thumbs up and their heads down. When the host announces “heads down and thumbs up” the kids get in position and the seven go around the room. As they move about the room, they push one thumb down and only one each. When all have done so, they go back to the front of the room. Then the host calls out “heads up seven up” and all the kids who had a thumb pushed down stand up. They then take turns guessing who pushed down their thumb. If they get it right, they go to the front and take their place. 

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  1. Ahhh, freeze tag is always a winner. I haven’t played that in years, but I think I might try it with my boys out at the bus stop later this morning.

  2. I never heard of Musical Booty Bump before! We constantly have a group of 4 or more kids for sleepovers with my daughter over the weekends and I think this will definitely make it into the next “we’re bored” rotation 🙂 Thanks for the list!

  3. I LOVED Freeze Tag as a kid! It was my favorite game to play at recess and it was always a great way to exercise and burn off energy <3

  4. Oh these are cute ideas shame i do not yet have kids but hope when i do i will remember. Thanks for sharing

  5. Ahhh these are all such great games!!! I’m going to have to try out the don’t drop the cookie… Never thought of that one 😉

  6. First of all, your pictures are so precious! I think the Musical Booty Bump sounds so adorable. I bet you had a blast with this post!

  7. These are such cute ideas! I love the Don’t Drop The Cookie game! My kids would really enjoy these!

  8. I love that you call it musical booty bump – we call it musical bumps here! I think I’m going to use the cookie game at our next party!

  9. These kids look amazing & fully energetic as well. I am sure they are enjoying these special party games very much. Musical Booty Bump is awesome & fun too.

  10. I teach elementary school, and these games are still big hits with bigger kids! Thumbs up 7 up? A win everytime!

  11. Aww it looks like the kids are having such a great time! I love the games too! What great ideas, I babysit often so these will definitely come in handy!

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