5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest for Back to School

Looking for the cutest nail art designs on Pinterest? Check out our top five favorites, then invite your friends over for a fun nail art party!

These 5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest are perfect for back to school!  I love doing my nails, and while I’m not always the best I do a decent job.  These nail art designs on Pinterest are some of my favorites, and I think they are the best for back to school styles.  You can ask your friends for help to make sure you do them correctly.

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5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

All images sourced from Pinterest. Click on them to see the original pin.

Minions Nail Art 5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

Minions Nail Art:  With the Minions movie coming out this summer, this is a great idea for back to school, or just because.  This one may require a bit of help from someone else, but it does look to be the easiest method I have found.  I just love the Minions and think this is a great fun choice for back to school.

5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

Glittery Ombre Nail Art:  Ombre is still popular in nail art designs on Pinterest and this one is easy and fun.  I like the idea of using our school colors in a fun ombre design with a glitter coat on top to make it sparkle extra.  These colors are super pretty, but really any colors would work to create the design you are looking for.

Rainbow Nails best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

Easy Rainbow Nail Art: This is a super cute and super easy design.  Pick a few rainbow colors, a solid white base and you have a beautiful design everyone will love.  I love that I can use this same method to match any outfit, or just to have multiple colors of the rainbow.

Polka Dot: 5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

Polka Dot Nail Art:  What’s better than these simple polka dots?  You can choose any solid color base and add fun colors to the top to make them pop out.  It’s so quick and easy and perfect for mixing and matching to go with school colors, he outfit of the day or whatever design you want to match.

Flower nails: 5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest

Flowers Nail Art:  This design takes a bit more work, but is still a favorite.  You can create solid color flowers, multi-colored like pictured, single large flowers or several small flowers.  Flowers are a favorite nail art and they go great with any outfit you choose to wear.  I like to add these when I am wearing solid colors to make a bit of a pop of color statement.

These are my favorite and the best nail art designs on Pinterest for back to school.  They are perfect for you to do alone, or with a bit of help from a friend.  I love how cute and easy these are!

Do you have any favorite nail art designs on Pinterest? Tell us about them below! 



34 thoughts on “5 Best Nail Art Designs On Pinterest for Back to School

  1. I like the minions! Very cute. I have watermelons on my nails right now.

  2. Those minion nails are adorable!! I have a friend who is minion obsessed and these would be perfect for her!!

  3. Oh my gosh I love them!!! I can’t believe how easy it is to do that, I never would have guessed. If I did my nails like that, my kids would flip! We haven’t seen the Minions yet, but hopefully soon! I love all the Minion ideas I’ve seen on pinterest lately.

  4. I am completely obsessed with nail art. I have attempted it a few times and have learned my coordination does not lie in my hands at all.

  5. I like the glittery ombre nails myself – really pretty. My problem is that nail polish never stays on for more than a day on my nails before chipping. I wonder if they do these in gel as well.

  6. I totally love all these designs. The one I love the most is the Minions because I am so in love with them. The Glittery Ombre Nail Art is the most gorgeous design. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my! The minion nail art is so cute! My niece love minions. She would love those minions on her fingernails for sure!

  8. Oh gosh, the Minions are so cute! It’s been a good 15 years since I have had my nails done and I used to be obsessed over it. I could count on one hand the amount of women who would have nail art. It wasn’t a big thing but I loved it. So, now I love how mainstream it is.

  9. The designs look very pretty but I’m sure they require a lot of patience and creativity when you do them. The minions are my favorite!

  10. Those rainbow nails are so, so adorable. And the Minions! Those will be popular this year for sure. There are so many creative nail ideas on Pinterest!

  11. These are all so cute. I love the minions and the polka dots. I see so many on pinterest that I love but I don’t know if I can do them myself.

  12. The polka dots on the black background looks awesome. I would love to do those for myself and I’m way past back to school age. 😉

  13. My daughter would freak if I could master the Minions nail art. She wouldn’t be able to contain herself if I was able to pull that off lol.

  14. Man! I wish that I could pull those off. But I can barely paint my nails let alone paint art on them!

  15. Omg those minions nails are the coolest thing ever!!! My daughter would go insane over those

  16. Oh! How fun are these designs. If my daughter’s school allowed it, I would definitely try the Despicable Me. I know she would of loved that one.

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