9 Wicked & Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Happy Halloween! Use our roundup of wicked DIY ideas to create Halloween projects that are on point, easy to make and fun!


Hello all my lovelies! Halloween is one of my fav holidays, it is so much fun! I have rounded up some DIY projects that are on point for Halloween this year. I need to make all of these!

Halloween DIY Ideas

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Zombie Cat Toys

cat zombie craft Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

ZOMG, I love Zombies. If you have some kitties and can sew even the littlest bit, you need to try making these Zombie Cat Toys from Dream A Little Bigger. The best part is these can totally be customized. It totally does not matter if your stitching is straight as Zombies are supposed to look like they got ripped apart anyways.

Slime Necklace

slime necklace Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Here is a cool Halloween accessory you can easily DIY. I love this Spooky Slime Necklace over at I Love To Create. This looks so super easy to create your look, and you can make it as bold as you like. This is an amazing way to add a little splash of Halloween, plus with the right paint it will glow in the dark.


Sparkly & Spooky Phone Case

Skull Phone Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Give your cell phone (or even your tablet!) case a full makeover for Halloween with the Rock Your iPhone DIY case detailed over at Crafting Rebellion. If you like a little glitz sprinkled into your Halloween, then you need to make this phone case. I love how they mixed just the right amount of sparkle with a few undead touches. I could see myself going a bit crazy at the craft store, so make sure you scavenge for freebie decorations to add at home first.

DIY Cat Socks

cat socks Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Give your style a Halloween look with these totally fab DIY Cat socks with full instructions over at Lana Red Studio. You can upcycle an old pair of socks into these darling cat socks in less than 15 minutes. These are perfect when the temperature starts to dip just a bit.

Creepy Spell Books

Spell Books Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

These creepy books would complete so many costumes, and would totally slay as a Halloween decoration. Check out the full Creepy Book Tutorial over at Better After. I absolutely <3 the cheapie decorations they turned into a bat skeleton. You need to make an awesome spell or potion book stat.

The Award Goes To…

Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas


If you plan to have a Halloween party, you need to make this next DIY project. These creepy yet adorable Halloween Trophies over at Make It & Love It are THE perfect award to give out for your costume contest. These are totally customizable, so get creative with your categories!

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Duct Tape Pumpkins

Duct Tape Pumpkin Tutorial Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Duct tape and pumpkins together with no messy pumpkin guts? YEEEESSSSSS! I am so excited about trying these Duct Tape Pumpkins over at Confessions Of A Plate Addict. This project looks so super simple. Pick up your favorite pattern of duct tape, cover the pumpkin and admire your handy work. Winning!

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Candy-Cron-Sugar-Scrub Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

While we are making fun projects, add this Candy Corn Sugar Scrub from Smart School House. Skip the pricey scrubs from the store and make this adorable candy corn scrub instead. This makes a great gift if you are willing to share. #PrettyPrettyForMe

Glowing Ghoust

Wicked Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

Oh, I totally love this idea! Make a Glowing Ghost for your front yard that is entirely made of clear packing tape. Shine a light up through the bottom, and the light will reflect through all of the tape for a creepy effect. I can NOT wait to freak out my Bae with this creepy ghost, it’s going to be hilarious!

So which Halloween DIY projects are your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

33 thoughts on “9 Wicked & Fun Halloween DIY Ideas

  1. I LOVE Halloween so this post got me excited, I love these ideas!! I always have a costume contest at my Halloween parties so I’m loving the trophy idea since I always give out different prizes. Totally going to bookmark the zombie cat toy craft too. Thanks!

  2. Those are all such fun ideas! I have an October birthday for a cat lover in my family coming up so the cat toys & socks would be a great DIY gift.

  3. Those cat toys are so cute!!! I know a cat who would love them.

  4. The creepy ghost is the best of all. I was just wondering, if it is made of clear packing tape, what did you use for the mold to shape it like that? It is really unique!

  5. I love the zombie cat toys. I think that is a really cute project and how awesome to keep the fur babies in the Halloween loop.

  6. I am having my boys birthday party on Halloween this year and making everyone dress up. I am going as a witch (According to my hubby no costume is needed!) But I have been trying to think of cute accessories to add and those cat socks are so CUTE!! I think I may add them to my costume 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh I love that ghostly figure! That would be SO fun to make and use! These are all creative and fun to do as a family project.

  8. What a great round up of Halloween accessories! I usually click on posts and see much of the same thing over and over, but these ideas are fresh and unique. Cool!

  9. I love Halloween and these are some great ideas! I really love the trophies and the ghost! My soon to be five year old would love the ghost!

  10. Ok, these are totally creative. Love the cat socks. The duct tape pumpkin is totally cool and easy. And that clear packing tape ghost looking thing at the end… BRILLIANT. I just knew it was made out of ice.

  11. This all looks and sounds fantastic! I love that candy corn scrub! I would love to try that out!

  12. I super love the duct tape pumpkin! How clever! And with that leopard print, I think I would also call it the sexy pumpkin. LOL.

  13. I bet the Candy Corn sugar scrub smells amazing.

    I like all of your ideas. The zombie cat toys are fun. You could even hide them and give clues for your friends to find them.

  14. These ideas are so cool! I really want to make that packing tape ghost for the yard!

  15. I love Halloween! These DIY ideas are awesome! I really love that phone case and the slime necklace. I may just have to make some of these with my girls too. Love them all!

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