Fun & Zany Halloween Party Games to Keep Your Party Rolling


When you're throwing the bash of the century, you can never have enough fun Halloween party games for teens! Check out a few of our favorites!

When you’re throwing the bash of the century, you can never have enough fun Halloween party games for teens! Sure, you’ll want to leave time for hanging out and mingling, but it’s also a good idea to keep something going on in the background at all times. Did you know that every 20 minutes, there’s a lull in conversation? Party games help fill those awkward gaps. Plus, they’re just plain fun! Let’s check out a few great Halloween party games for teens to keep that party going strong!


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Halloween Party Games for Teens

Dancing Challenge– Divide the teen guests into teams of two. Songs are played at random for 60 seconds and the pair must dance for the entire 60 seconds. During this game, costumes are usually worn so guests can crackle at the vampire dancing to Lady Gaga or the werewolf dancing to Justin Bieber. Guests vote on a winner.

Baby Food, Fear Factor Style– If you have ever seen the show Fear Factor, you know they eat some weird stuff on there. For this game, guests just need to taste test some baby food. Use individual bowls that are labeled with numbers and filled with different kinds of jarred baby foods. Have paper and pens next to the bowls so players can guess what type of baby food they are tasting. The winner of the game is the player who guesses the most correctly. Players are awarded 1 point for each correct guess.

Bounce the Eyeball- For this game, you will need 5 or 6 pails or buckets, preferably Halloween themed as well as Sharpie markers in red, black, blue and green, candy and ping pong balls. Have the guests create eyeballs (each player should have 4 or 5) from the ping pong balls by making the iris of the eye with the blue or green Sharpie, the veins with the red Sharpie and the pupil with the black Sharpie. Add the candy to each pail or bucket. Let the balls dry while you place the pails or buckets around the room on the floor. The players then try to get the balls into the pails or buckets by bouncing them. If they get the ball into the pail or bucket, they get 1-2 pieces of candy from inside.

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Mr. Halloween’s Body Parts– This game has several different names but it is the same general idea that is used. All of the players sit in a dark room in a circle. You need to place different ‘body parts’ into individual containers or boxes and have each player feel what is inside and try to guess the ‘body part.’ The person that guesses the most ‘body parts’ correctly will get the prize. For brains you can use cooked spaghetti, for eyeballs you can use grapes, for fingers you can use hot dogs, for hair you can use yarn and for teeth you can use small rocks.

The great part about these Halloween party games for teens is that, aside from the dancing challenge,  you can set them up ahead of time, then just let guests rotate through them when they’re in a conversation lull. Kind of carnival style! Just keep track of everyone’s points and guesses, then have an awards ceremony at the end of the night.

Do you have any other great ideas for Halloween party games for teens? Tell us in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Fun & Zany Halloween Party Games to Keep Your Party Rolling

  1. These party games would really make spook night even spookier. My grands LOVE Halloween, parties, hayrides, the pumpkin patch, but even more than all of these, they would play games all night if we’d let them. I have two tweens that would love all of these games but I bet the one that would get the most ewwwww’s and gross’s and their favorite, would be the Mr. Halloween’s Body Parts.

  2. A friend of mine is doing the spooky party this year. I will share these ideas with her since there will be young people there also.

  3. I’m hosting a Halloween party this year and there will be fun for all ages. This is a great list of ideas to keep the preteens and teens having fun too. I love the Dance Off idea!

  4. Uggg lol tasting baby food! I have never wanted to do this and never did even when my little ones were eating it YUCK that would be fear factor for me for sure! I love your post! So many things for the little kids but not enough fun and healthy stuff for the teens to do! LOVE the costume the girl is wearing in your photo! She looks lovely!

  5. The idea of having to eat something without knowing what it is first gives me the heebie jeebies. I would surely give everyone at a Halloween party a good laugh with the baby food game.

  6. These are great ideas for a teen halloween party. I don’t have teenagers in the house anymore but I will be sharing this with my sisters and cousins who have teen-aged kids.

  7. These are all fun ideas, I bet it would be a memorable night for the guests if we had these as parlor games. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Each of these games sounds like a lot of fun! I know I would have loved them as a kid. I actually used to LOVE watching Fear Factor when I was younger, too!

  9. These sounds like interesting games indeed for Halloween. I would love to have a party with some of these games and I will have to share these with my sister. Thanks for sharing them.

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