Unique in Their Own Way: Appreciating the Individuality of Common Names

If you have a common name, you may struggle at times to feel like a unique individual or an important member of society. However, it’s important to remember that beyond the label of a seemingly “common” name, there is a wealth of meaning, history, and family heritage.

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Whether you’re a David Miller, a Mary Johnson, or a John Garcia who feels normal, average, or forgotten, it’s time for you to finally embrace the individuality of your name. Here are several important tips to remember along the way!

Common Names Aren’t as Common Anymore

First, even the most common names go through cycles of popularity. While a particular name might have been among the most common names during the 1960s, it may be obscure by the 2020s.

What’s more, studies suggest that common names aren’t all that common anymore. The rise of individualism in countries like Japan, for example, has meant that more parents are choosing unique names over common names. This makes your “common” name more unique than it has ever been!

Every Name Has a Unique Origin

Whether your name dates back to ancient times or its inception was within the last 100 years, it’s easy to discover the origin and history of just about every name imaginable—common or unique!

Thanks to the internet, you can enter a simple online search about your name and find the time and place where it started being used, the meaning behind the name, and notable figures throughout history who have shared that name.

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Every Person Has a Family History

Similarly, you can track down your family history with even the common surname. A genealogy resource like Ancestry even allows you to distinguish between different families that share the same last name.

Take some time to discover which part of the world your family originates from, what your family was known for, and which living relatives you could connect with today!

Embrace the Individuality of a Full Name

While your first name, or Christian name, may be considered common, remember that not nearly as many people share your combination of first, middle, and last name—especially if any one of those names features alternate spelling.

In fact, even with three relatively common names, you may be the only person in your city or state that has your full name. If you have multiple middle names, the chances of others sharing your name are even slimmer. You may be one of a kind!

The Opportunity to Build Your Own Legacy

While millions upon millions of people may have shared your common name throughout history, no two people have left the same legacy. For example, the name Michael has been shared by famous athletes, pop icons, distinguished actors, radio hosts, and more.

You have the opportunity to take your common name, draw inspiration from others who have gone before you, and etch your own story into the pages of history. Identify your unique gift mix, work hard to develop it, and then share it with the world!

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