5 Fun Camping Activities for Kids

5 Fun Camping Activities for KidsThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for the support.

Going camping together is one of the most enjoyable activities for kids during the warmer months. This is a great exciting outdoor activity for the whole family, not to mention a fun bonding experience! Camping activities are simply fun and a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. You can even camp the night out in your backyard and spend some memorable time together. But before fixing up that tent in your backyard, why not plans some fun camping activities for your kids so as to make the best of the special time together.

Fun camping activities for kids

Make some snacks together

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Camping wouldn’t be fun if there was no food. And kids love to eat. So, why not let them help to dish up some snacks for the camping. The whole family can sit together and make some snacks. Try some simple to make snacks with bread, fruits and nuts. Tell the kids to mix up the ingredients. Apples and peanut butter are always a favorite and easy to handle. Get some nice cook drinks ready for kids. Of course, no camping trip is complete without smores! Sure, they’re a little messy, but they make a great treat! Check those Fun recipes for camping.

Jump and Crawl
Set up an obstacle course. In the backyard and let the kids leap over or crawl under those obstacle. Tell them to crawl under the patio table or jump over the garden hose. You can also organize races and give a small prize to the winners. These camping activities for kids are great because they help give your children a bit of exercise and tire them out for bedtime.

Dance together
Get some music on and let every member dance together. This is a great way to gel together and feel comfortable with each other. You can even play some game together while dancing.

Tell Campfire Stories

Camping activities for kidsAnother of those favorite camping activities for kids is to listen to stories. Get some story books and tell them a nice story. Better yet,  let each one of them tell a story that they make up!  Avoid telling ghost stories as it might not be the best of the idea for the younger kids. Try to get them involved in some funny family stories.

Light a campfire

Enjoy a late-night campfire simply conversing, playing games around the fire and munching snacks. Some games can be played around the campfire and one good example is “I Remember” –. You’ll have a lot of laughs and some great moments around the camp fire.

Camping is certainly one of the one of the best activities that a family can plan together. This is the best way to share time together, bond over some great food, stories and games. During these fast paced times, make the most of the little pleasures life offers us and camping with your  kids is one of them.


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18 thoughts on “5 Fun Camping Activities for Kids

  1. Oh, we love camping together as a family. I love your ideas here, we enjoy planning out fun snacks to bring along with the kids – it’s fun to do together 🙂

  2. I’m not big on camping (eww bugs!) but I would really like to take my kids camping at least once in life. These were all great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have got be shown a couple of good goods in this article. Undoubtedly truly worth book-marking to get returning to. I wonder what sort of ton effort you set to create these kinds of superb educational web site.

  4. Telling camp stories is a great way to bond and share experiences. It’s an activity that does not require much effort and there is minimization of danger of getting lost inside the camp. Lighting a campfire is ideal at night especially if it’s cold.

  5. What fun camping activities you highlighted! I think they would appeal to children of all ages! I have such fun memories about toasting marshmallows around the campfire when i was little! There are always heaps of family and friend memories made wile camping!

  6. I am going for the Jump and Crawl game. That way we are sure that everyone will be ready when bedtime comes. And even if you didn’t include story telling, I bet it would be the most plausible thing to do.

  7. These are fun activities for kids when you are camping. We love to camp and I wish we had the time to do it more often. I have to say my favorite part is the Smore’s when we are camping.

  8. I love camping and have yet to take my kiddos. I think it would be such fun even if we did it in our backyard! We wouldnt be able to make it to a campground or anything but I think it would be such fun to try. Would love to do smores or something too, so many fun activities we could do!

  9. I was just debating getting a solar lantern for camping. You’ve inspired me to go ahead and get it and have fun with the kids.

  10. This is such a fun post. One of the best things about this time of year is having the weather cooperate to give us a weekend outside. Singing, dancing, and snacking sound like a pretty perfect way to spend a weekend together as a family – preferably somewhere without reliable cell phone service!

  11. What a great post! We are going camping in two weeks so I have some time to prepare some of these activities. Growing up, I loved camping and especially making “pies” in the irons over the fire!

  12. I used to love camping in my own backyard when I was little! There were many fun and food related memories! What great highlights you have suggested to day and think your activities appeal to children of all ages! Happy Camping next time too!

  13. These are all such great ideas. I used to go camping as a kid with my family all the time. But, I’ve never taken my kids. My oldest is terrified to go and she’s 15, lol. We just got a big tent from my parents, and it would be a great idea to camp out in the backyard and see what she thinks.

  14. This is perfect for families who are camping with little ones this summer! No matter how old you get there is nothing better then sitting around a fire, roasting marshmellows and telling stories! Such a great way to create family memories!

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