4 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Teen Bedroom

So you want to give an awesome makeover to your teen’s room so that he or she loves their bedroom. You might have many ideas in mind, such as cheap canvas prints, maybe a chic wallpaper or soft texture, etc.

If you are looking for perfect teen bedroom ideas, you should consider in mind the interests and hobbies of the teenage person in your life. Try to see their room from their perspective.

Let’s have a look at four proven ways to decorate teen bedrooms:

Plenty of Shelving

Teens’ life is busy! Things constantly happen, come and go in their lives! So it is best to put them at ease in every aspect. Providing teens with plenty of shelving and storage space helps keep them organized while making their space look stylish.

You can choose stylish shelves that make things easily accessible to your children. Teens need a lot of things, from their fashion accessories and hobby items to study material.

Simple but effective box shelving can be used for storing knick-knacks and books. Wooden storage boxes with doors can be used to hide some of the mess.

Make it a Multi-Purpose Room

The room of your teenage child is more than just a sleeping area. As they enter into the stage of independence, they need a room where they can hang out, lounge, and study with their friends.

The room should have a cozy sleep area, customized study space, and a fun place where they can lounge with their friends. If the room is a small space, think out of the box with creativity to meet your child’s multi-purpose room needs.

Some space-saving décor ideas for teen rooms are:

  • Have vertical study area with storage drawers
  • Place a small bench near the footboard of the bed, for lounging
  • Install a space-saving headboard decal
  • Rugs and throw pillows in the hangout space
  • Magnetic dry erase boards and cork boards to declutter and keep drawers organized

Bold Wall Design

The majority of teens love bold and vibrant colors. They prefer high energy in their rooms, and decorating the teen bedroom accordingly makes a considerable impact.

For creating a bold wall, you can go for cheap canvas prints that feature bold shades and prints. Choose bright shades and geometric designs. Custom-printed wall treatments also help make a unique statement in the teen’s bedroom.

Other great and unique ways to decorate walls in your teen’s bedroom are to invest in removable wall decals, hand-picked chalkboard paint, or a graffiti wall for an urban style. You can also get your favorite words in lighted or neon marquee signs.

You can also shop for an oversized wall décor to express your child’s individuality without consuming too much floor space.

Incorporate Cozy Textures

An ideal bedroom makes their occupants love it! So design a teen bedroom where teens love spending their precious time, and they feel comfortable and safe indoor. This is especially true for the rooms of teenage girls.

Teenage girls are naturally drawn to cute and lovely designs, feel-good and comfortable fabrics, and soft textures. You can incorporate these cozy textures, such as flocked velvet wallpaper, hanging fringe, faux fur rug, gauzy or patterned curtains, fuzzy or soft throw pillows, and plush bedding.

All of these will lend a lovely, chic, and casual vibe to the room of your easygoing teen.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of if you have a boy or girl teens at home, they will appreciate their bedroom décor with these ideas. It is good to involve them in the planning and actual décor processes. It will help you design a teen’s bedroom that is comfortable, functional, and stylish and suits their unique taste.

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