Buying Your First Car: 4 Tips for Teens To Make the Right Decision

Passing your driving test and getting your driver’s license is undoubtedly an important milestone in everyone’s life. But buying your first car is just as much of a rite of passage! Today, just under three-quarters of high school seniors have a driver’s license, and that is because social media made communication easier, public transport has been improving, and buying a car often seems like a far dream.

However, the right car can open up a world of opportunities and help you take the next step in your life’s journey – no matter whether that is applying for an out-of-state college or getting a job. If you have been struggling to find the right first car for your needs, check out these tips to make the process much easier and enjoyable!

Understand the Costs Involved and Set Your Budget

One of the main reasons why teens don’t buy a car is because of the costs involved. And, today, over 41% of parents report having bought their child’s first car. However, investing in a car can be a beneficial investment that yields impressive returns, especially if you use it to travel to work or help your family.

However, it is essential to set the right expectations for the costs involved. Undoubtedly, the car’s price tag represents a significant chunk of what you will pay. However, it is also important to keep in mind associated costs such as:

  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Fuel
  • Repairs
  • Regular maintenance

Safety Comes Before Anything Else

Whether you are shopping for a new or used car, nothing should come before safety. Of course, you should make a list of the features you would like to have in your car, such as a parking assistant and a high-quality audio system.

However, there are some safety technologies that you should be looking for, including:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Blind-spot warning
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Rear cross-traffic warning
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

Because of your budget, you might not be able to find a car model that boasts all of these features. However, in any case, you should always keep in mind that being responsible, focused, and aware while on the road is the ultimate safety measure!

Do Your Homework – And Consult an Expert

If you are not an expert in cars, you might end up settling for a bad deal or pay more for a car with low value. That is why it is especially important to learn more about a range of suitable vehicles and resort to the guides of experts such as the team at edmunds.

Once you have found the perfect car for your needs at the right price, make sure to take it for a few test drives and have it inspected by a professional. This can help you ensure that you are getting a fair value for your money!

Find a Vehicle That Fits Your Lifestyle

Every person is different, and you should make sure to find a car that fits the purpose. For example, if you need to cover long distances every day, you might look for enhanced safety measures and better fuel economy. However, if you need a basic vehicle to go to and from work or cover short distances, you might opt for cheaper alternatives.

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