Creative Essay Writing Ideas for College Students

Have you ever been out of ideas that can make your story or essay at least somehow catchy and engaging? In such cases, you can opt for an essay helper to assist you. Or, you can go through the tips below.

Creative writing can be termed the science of self-expression. In creative writing, you conjure up a story in your mind and proceed to paint a vivid literary picture of it on paper.

Creative writing brings out your passion and gives expression to your personal experience, feelings, and persuasion. It is intended to inform, amuse, evoke emotions in the audience, and to express the writer’s mind unrestrained.

In the course of their study programs, college students are asked to write creative essays as part of their assignments. This can be confounding and can leave a student with a blank mind and paper before them. However, creative essays should be easy for students since they give one latitude for free expression devoid of restrictive rules.

Ways to improve your creative writing

Before you start exploring creative writing ideas, take time to sharpen your skills. One of the best and time-tested methods to improve writing skills is reading.

Read extensively and learn to enjoy the experience while at it. Reading expands your vocabulary and literary construction and excites your imaginative qualities, besides generating excellent scholarship essay tips when you need one.

Practice what you read by rewriting it in your own words while giving a different spin to the plot. The keyword here is practice, the more you practice your skills, the more you internalize and retain for when needed. Enrich your vocabulary and learn to be comfortable with words, not forgetting a little wit to spice your essay.

Research your topic

College essays are created upon topics from your professor. Read extensively about the assignment topic understanding and taking notes. Then go over your notes to internalize the whole concept and before writing, create an outline of your key points. Arrange these key points in such a manner as to form your essay’s subheadings.

From the understanding you gained while researching, start your essay writing. And while writing, keep in mind the essay editing by experts from EduBirdie. The editing services are available also for thesis and dissertation.

Express your ideas in a novel way distinct from your research material yet conveying the same concept. Tell the story way, using your imagination to bring it to life. The self-expression demonstrates your mastery of the subject you are writing about, and that is what the professor wants.

Write for your target audience

Do not get lost in your own world dancing to your own music! Remember, the essay intends to convey specific information to a target audience. Write your essay in a voice and format that connects with your audience as intended; otherwise, you labor in futility.

If you are writing a scholarship essay, understand that you are communicating with college administration and therefore write in a befitting manner.

Follow the instructions carefully even as you let your creative genius fly and stay within the set parameters to earn that scholarship. Great writers always address their essays, poems, or stories to a particular audience.

How to generate essay ideas

Creative writing is about mastery of self-expression and deft use of language. Once you internalize this principle, you can spin a great story out of anything imaginable in the universe. Most college essays length average six hundred words and you can start your practice by writing this word count on multiple topics.

If you can take a one-word topic and craft a 600-word essay out of it that is captivating, you are near the top. The good thing is, you don’t have to scratch your head hairless to come up with one, they are plenty all around you. Why not write about the most common device in our hands today? The smartphone?

Common mistakes to avoid

Some common creative writing mistakes will happen unintentionally, whereas others will occur due to poor habits. When you habitually use the same word repetitively across your essay, it takes away from the quality of your writing. Avoid starting sentences that follow each other with the same word or pronouns.

Give greater emphasis to the flow of your story and minimize excessive descriptive details while setting the stage.

The description may be good in grounding your story, but at times when you over-embellish, it tends to take away attention from your theme and lose your plot. Until you have mastered your creative writing well, be as brief as conveniently possible with descriptive detail.


Wisdom has taught us that in the universe, what seems easy is not always simple. Moreover, this applies to every literate person out there who thinks that creative writing should be easy because he or she is at college. It calls for dedication, thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive mind, discipline and practice, and a great mind for imagination.

A great more can be learned from mentors who can refine your raw talent for top-notch creative writing. You think you’ve written the masterpiece of your life until the teacher shreds to oblivion and you are left wondering where you got it wrong. This is where a mentor can help you find your way, hone your skills, and write great pieces.

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