Gear Up Your Security Skills – Pass Microsoft MS-500 Exam Using Exam Dumps

Microsoft Sustains IT

Nonprofit organizations seek out for themselves the mission to do social good. But without the right equipment to make use of, they can’t make a start. Microsoft understands this & so last year they donated $1.4 billion in software & services to over 200,000 such organizations across the globe. With a workforce participation rate of 75%, Microsoft’s employees themselves raised $158 million of this donation by devoting a combined total of 700,000 hours of their precious time! What this allowed nonprofits to do is to get access to critical technologies that they could incorporate to help reach their social aims more prosperously. Microsoft, IT’s philanthropist, is also concerned with YOUR IT future. As such, they give you the chance to become more accomplished in the technology industry but obtaining globally recognized credentials by passing their continuously evolving exams.

MS-500 Exam & Cert: Closer Look

One of their tests you may decide to take is Microsoft MS-500 Practice Tests . But who’s a suitable candidate for this associate-level test? To have the best odds of excelling in this assessment you need to be acutely aware of all the facilities the Microsoft 365 service offers. Furthermore, you should already have lots of experience doing the following tasks on the Microsoft 365 platform like protecting identities, data, and information, preventing threats, and working with security elements. However, these are not formal prerequisites, and the syllabus for Microsoft MS-500 Practice Test Questions obviously goes into such areas in more depth. Nevertheless, as these are the main skills Download MS-500 assesses learners on, the vendor recommends that you acquire this practical know-how. As for the details of MS-500, the test consists of 40-60 questions that are to be complete within 150 minutes. To be eligible for this exam, you’ll have to pay an entry fee of $165. Upon completion of this single assessment, you’ll receive the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate credential. Your job role as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator comprises coming up with and putting into practice different strategies that guarantee security for the organization’s information while abiding by the company’s rules & regulations. You’ll be collaborating with workload administrators, various stakeholders of the business, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators to come up with these solutions. PayScale calculates Security Administrators earn on average $66,262 a year. Impressive, right?

Some Things You’ll Need

Now, what are some valuable resources that will help you prep so that you can bring your ‘A-game’ on visit MS-500 exam day & hopefully attain your Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate badge? Well, here go some must-haves:

  • Microsoft gives students access to FOUR paid Instructor-led Training Courses for MS-500. Each focuses on honing your competency in a specific objective domain mentioned in the syllabus. Every single one of these classes will have their own hands-on-labs for the acquisition of practical expertise. However, there are pre-existing requirements needed by those seeking to attend these sessions such as being familiar with Microsoft Azure, knowing about computer networks, and having a functional understanding of how to manage mobile devices.
  • Another option would be to prepare for MS-500 using the Learning Path lessons Microsoft creates. These are known for breaking down complex ideas into concise information with a suitable blend of interesting facts and images; all of which make the learning process fun, fast, and free. But there’s a catch. Exam MS-500 being a new assessment means Microsoft hasn’t fully finished building this resource. So far they’ve only made notes on the first of four elaborate topics needed for the test— a 5 module series adding up to 1 hour for the ‘Managing Identity & Access’ section, i.e. 30-35% of the curriculum.
  • You could also turn to the book ‘Exam Ref MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration’ by Bryan Lesko & Ed Fisher, available at the Microsoft Press Store. It not only covers every objective domain for MS-500 but also presents learners with ‘what if’ scenarios to elicit their critical thinking; a quality that IT professionals need. Microsoft designed this book so that candidates will be well-equipped to perform the tasks they will encounter in their role as a Security Administrator working with the Microsoft 365 environment. The downside is that the book hasn’t actually been released yet visit here.

One More Essential

Amazing as they all are, the materials listed above seem to come up just a bit short. A complete solution for your exam preparation could come from Despite the fact that this is a new assessment and so there aren’t enough resources available, still manages to provide learners with a HUGE collection of free exam dumps for the Microsoft MS-500. You can even get access to 147 real questions for download 70-778 along with answers checked by IT experts. To do that you have to buy Exam-labs’s MS-500 Premium ETE File at a very convenient price of $49.99. All the braindumps on will require the software called the ETE Exam Simulator by Vumingo to run them, owing to the fact that the dumps are in the ete format. What this genius program can do is to mirror every facet of MS-500 testing environment; a handy facility to evaluate your readiness for the real assessment.

Get Moving

The tremendous pace at which the IT sector marches forward inevitably results in certification exams being retired with new ones taking their place. The Microsoft MS-500 test has JUST been introduced, so you don’t need to lose sleep worrying about it getting outdated soon; and as it is up-to-date, it teaches you the technologies that matter TODAY. Make the right decision. Try grabbing that click Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate credential by using the accurate & efficient exam dumps available on Then pretty soon you’ll see, MS-500 assessment will turn into nothing more than a fading afterthought…


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