Fun Easter Party Games for Large Groups

Easter is almost upon us, and with it a large amount of colored eggs, bunny rabbits, chocolates and treasure hunts. It sounds so fun already!

To celebrate something that already sounds like the coolest party ever, you should invite a large group to participate in even more games. Throw a party, live a little, that’s what we say!

Below are some fun large group Easter party games guaranteed to be a hit at your shindig.

1. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Every Easter party we have been to (or kids’ party at that) has included some sort of treasure or scavenger hunt. We couldn’t leave that out! Especially now that there is a large group, it doubles the challenge!

You need to set small teams (or no teams if your group is around 10) and give everyone a list of items/people to find. The hardest part is setting a set time for the hunt to be complete. We’d suggest an hour, depending on how many things you have on the list and the people you have.

To make it more difficult, riddle it up or use pictures! Label what you want the people to find in the form of riddles, or a picture with just a small part of the object. This will tickle their brains for sure!

2. Easter Egg Painting

Depending on the age group, Easter egg painting has also been an ever-present activity at these parties. You can make it really fun by hiding messages with a white/clear crayon on the surface of a few eggs. Those who figure out what the message is could get a prize too! To make it easier for everyone and limit the supplies, you could use dyes or food coloring in larger bowls for everyone to dip their eggs in. Once dried, they make great props for photos and may even double as a prop in another game.

3. Capture the Egg

Just to help you with the previous game, here is a suggestion on what you can use the eggs for. Have you played “capture the flag” before? This is similar.

You need a large group for this (10 is the absolute minimum), and lay a number of eggs on the field for each team. You then try to steal the eggs from the opposite team and bring it back to your base without getting tagged in the process. An hour or two later, whichever team has the most eggs wins!

5. Pass the Egg

This one requires a large party, too. Split up the group into smaller groups of around 5. You should be looking at at least 3 teams.

Each member has a spoon in their mouths and the goal is to pass the egg from person to person without using your hands and depositing the egg in a bin or bucket at the end of the line.

You can use hard-boiled eggs to minimize the mess or up the challenge with raw eggs. It’s also a great use of the Easter eggs people have painted from #2.

6. Easter Egg Matching

Decorate some eggs prior or request people use other things when decorating their eggs at the Easter egg painting station such as yarn, beads, sparkles, pom poms, etc (anything that is 3D). Each person will have to make 2 identical eggs for this game.

When all is done, divide into teams and gather all the eggs on the table. The goal is to have the blindfolded member of each team identify two matching eggs for their team to get a point. The team with the most points at the end wins the prize!

7. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Similar to the scavenger hunt, but this game is simpler and reaps larger benefits! It’s kind of a more grown-up version in case the party is for people over 20.

  • Hide numerous plastic eggs filled with goodies around the property. All the pink ones could be easier to find eggs with smaller prizes like pennies or quarters in them. All the blue ones could be more hidden and contain bills.
  • Wrack your brains for all the lucrative prizes these eggs could contain.
  • Then work your way up to a single red/purple/yellow (whatever tickles your fancy) egg with the ultimate prize. We’re talking about tickets to a concert or something.

It’s up to you how far you want to go with these prizes, but we guarantee the participants will stop at nothing to win!

8. Easter Egg Hop

Gather everyone in a group, you can split into teams or not. Put a few mini chocolate easter eggs (of the same color) in an empty tissue box and tie it around each person’s waist. They need to hop from the start to the finish line without losing any (or too many) of their eggs. The person with the highest score then wins a prize.


If you are looking for the next success in terms of Easter house parties go, we’re sure these games will keep you more than occupied. Good luck on your next get together and let us know how it goes! Which game would you definitely try and which would you avoid? Tell us in the comments below!

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