How to Remove Earrings with Safety Back

Earrings with safety back are popular among children.  They are characterized by a rounded back and a positive-locking clutch that hold the earrings securely. Fashion designers have regarded these earrings as some of the fastest earring backs, hence the name, safety back earrings. Putting them on can be easy, but removing them becomes a problem for many users. Here, we provide you with ways on how to remove earrings with safety back.

Before you begin removing earrings with safety back, you should first wash your hands to avoid infections. Your hands are full of germs. Cleaning them with soap and hot water helps you kill the germs. Next, you need to clean your earlobes. Soak a cotton swab in cleaning solutions such as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol and wipe down your ear lobe thoroughly with the swab.  After cleaning your earlobes, move your earrings around to ensure hard-to-reach places are cleaned. Now, follow the methods below on how to remove your safety back earrings.

  • Hold to the front of the earring and the backing.

Use both hands to hold the front of your stud and the backing and keep them stable as possible so they won’t move while pulling the safety back.  Ensure you hold to the front of the stud so that it does not pull into your ear or get lost. Do not keep it above the sink because the earring or backing can fall down the drain.

  • Pull the earring apart, maintaining a firm grip on both the front and back.

Pull the safety back off the post. With your other hand, find the large surfaces of the safety back and grip it firmly. Move it gently until it begins to loosen.  Try to maintain the stability of the earring post. After safely removing the backing, you are free to remove the earring from the piercing. You may also carefully pull the safety back and the earring in the opposite directions simultaneously.  Be very careful not to stretch your earlobe because it may injure you.

  • Wiggle the backing if it gets stuck

If the backing gets stuck, wiggle it until it comes off or becomes easy to pull out.  Use a bobby pin to carefully pull on the back if the earring’s backing has been pushed too far. Hook the pin to the back and use a hard object such as tweezers to push the post.  The aim is to push the backing to a surface where you can wiggle or pull it off. When you feel the safety back begins to move, try giving it a gentle tug to slide off.

  • Go to a proper Piercer.

At some point, all the tips above may not work for you after trying them out. In this case, you may consider going to a proper piercer to help you remove your safety back earring. These people are experts and have the appropriate equipment to remove your stud without causing pain or damage to your ear. Do not struggle if you are stuck. Seek help and prevent damage to your ear.

When you pierce your ears for the first time, they might be very sensitive to fake metals. This can cause pain and other side effects. Remember that first time piercing takes at least six weeks to heal. So, regardless of the earrings you want to remove, be careful not to damage your ears. Now that you know how to remove earrings with safety back, you might want to know the kinds of studs that are trending. Visit and for the best collection.

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