The Benefits of Computer Games for Children: Developing Skills and Strengthening Bonds

The topic of whether video games are advantageous or detrimental to children sparks considerable debate. Nonetheless, completely isolating interactive entertainment from children is an unattainable goal due to its high demand. Numerous experts concur that, when consumed in moderation, computer games can actually have beneficial effects on a child. However, it is crucial not only to exercise restraint but also to make informed choices regarding the selection of video games and to monitor the virtual environments in which children spend their time.

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In this article, we will talk about why computer games are needed for children, and what skills and useful abilities they can develop.

Development of thinking

Strategies help you make quick decisions, and engage in short-term and long-term planning. Virtual puzzles are completely similar to the effects of those that you can touch with your hands – they help to really train the thinking and cognitive abilities of the child. Many games pose long-term goals and require the analysis of many factors in order to succeed. A good example is RPG. These are role-playing games in which you need to distribute the characteristics of the character, constantly think, and analyze many factors. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to go through the plot. A great example of a complex RPG game is Path of Exile. It is quite difficult even for professional players but allows them to successfully develop cognitive skills. Moreover, there is a complex character development system, thanks to which gamers can train their ability to make decisions. If it is difficult for players to understand complex gameplay, then they often turn to boosting companies, where, in addition to leveling and content passage, they can buy poe currency.

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Response improvement

Many games are based on reactions. Dodge, jump, and roll in time, so as not to fall under the attack of the enemy. All this has a positive effect on the speed of the child’s thoughts and teaches players to behave correctly in a situation that requires immediate decisions. A good example is platformers. So a series of games about Mario, a plumber familiar to many since childhood, involves jumping on platforms in two or three dimensions, collecting coins, and sometimes solving simple puzzles. And all this – without blood and violence, in bright colors. Many experts point out that it is Mario that is suitable for exploring the world of video games. Many modern parts of this series can be played together, so you and your child will also have a common hobby.

Creative skills training

By focusing on the myth of video games as purely violent, we are missing out on a giant layer of interactive entertainment — creativity training games. Today there are two huge platforms on which you can create your own worlds – Minecraft and Roblox. The first game is a virtual constructor in which you can both build yourself and evaluate the results of the creativity of other users. The second project allows you to create your own video games. At the same time, creative thinking is also trained, and the child can try on a promising profession – a game designer. Other examples include the Super Mario Maker series. It allows you to create levels from Mario games, as well as play the creations of other players. There are thousands of interesting levels in the open access, so the game becomes almost endless.

Gaining teamwork skills

Many modern games require virtual team interaction. But here you should be very careful so that the child does not encounter trolls or simply dubious personalities online.

Strengthening relationships within the family

Many games today have a two-player mode. At the same time, you can play without getting up from the couch on one TV – you only need an additional gamepad. Video games have emerged as a means for numerous individuals to enhance their quality time with their children and foster a deeper connection. Simultaneously, adults have noticed a shift in their own perception of video games, realizing that there is no need to fear them. Engaging in virtual realms generates an abundance of positive emotions. When selecting a game, it is crucial to ascertain beforehand if it offers a two-player mode on a single screen, and this information can be readily found online.

As you can see, the answer to the question of whether computer games can be useful for children is up to you. With attention and care, you can easily ensure that virtual entertainment is beneficial, and you can also spend time with your child. So you will open for him an amazing world, comparable to movies and books, which may well become his favorite hobby for many years.

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