10 Greatest College Series To Watch On Netflix

Watching movies and series about college is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. However, choosing an exciting and entertaining series might be an issue for many students. In case you don’t know which one is the best for you, we are here to help. Discover the most brilliant series on Netflix you can start watching right now.

Before you stick to your screen

There is nothing new that many series might make you an addict – you can start watching them days and nights without a break. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your academic performance beforehand. In case you are tired of completing all your assignments, writing services are ready to do the entire job for you. However, it is important to read the reviews on the platform you are going to use in advance. Feel free to discover myassignmenthelp review or find out the freshest information at edubirdie review to pick up the best service available. Now, when your tasks are all done, it’s time to relax and watch an amazing series. Here is a list of series you might really like.

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Romance, love, and passion are all about this series. It is about two students who have deep feelings and are becoming grown-ups. In case you want to dive into deep emotions and enjoy each moment on the screen, this series is just for you.

October Faction

Are you keen on watching Supernatural? This series might become a real treasure for you. Watch the amazing adventures of the family and enjoy watching heart-smashing drama on the screen.


This series is considered to be one of the best series on Netflix for a few recent years. It is about a group of teens who suddenly found they had superpowers. However, the series is not only about reading minds, but it’s also about friendship and mutual support.

Never Have I Ever

This series is definitely worth your attention. It is about an Indian-American teen and her life at high school. You will feel glued to this series for hours.

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The Walking Dead

If you adore movies about zombies and armageddon, this one will just blow your mind. It is an incredibly exciting series with several seasons.

Chelsea Does

This is a funny series that will make you laugh and elevate your mood. However, it also covers very serious topics like racism, drugs, and getting a job. Must-watch for most college students.


In case you enjoy watching post-apocalyptic movies, this series will perfectly fit your tastes. Discover how a group of teens survives after a global apocalypse and have a good time watching this fantastic series.

Mad Men

Love scenes of the 1960s? The series is just about this period of time and a man who is trying to get used to the constantly changing environments. A professional in the ad industry, he is feeling totally lost and tired. In case you lack inspiration, you will surely find it after watching this series.

House of Cards

This series is an excellent option for students who want to become leaders and influentials in different areas. It is about a politician and the methods of how he gets rid of his enemies. The series is thrilling and extremely entertaining.


The entire picture of this series was shot in a single location. The series has a whopping number of 11 seasons, so you can have a great time watching it for long.

There is plenty of other great series available on Netflix. Just choose your favorite genre and enjoy it!

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