5 Acne Causes You Didn’t Know About

Acne is the bane of every adolescent’s life, and everyone cringes at the thought of getting a zit on their face. They come at inopportune times and have the annoying ability to make themselves at home on the weirdest spots on the face. But for 80-90% of adolescents, acne is inevitable. One way or another they will come and dominate your face.

Some would think that when you outgrow your teenage years, you say goodbye to popping zits. Wrong. They will keep coming back from where they came from. Here are five causes of acne you’ve probably never heard about.

Too Many Skin Care Products

Ever heard the saying “too much is poisonous?” In this case, using too many skin care products can cause zit breakouts. You might want to try most new skin care products and while that might be good for the companies making them, it’s terrible for your skin.

The strange part is that most will change or use a couple of skin care products without giving one a chance to show their effectiveness. So when mixed up, the new preservatives and active ingredients will challenge your skin, causing flare-ups.

What you wouldn’t know is that some of the anti-acne products you trust might be the reason for your zits. Especially if you use too many of them. Throwing too many products at once can tear the skin. To avoid this,  have two or fewer anti-acne products and use them for at least four to six weeks, and consider your skin’s pH level when picking new products to try out.

Heavy Sunscreen

Summer is a time for fun. You go to the beach, relax and hang out with your friends and watch a beautiful sunset. But you can’t do that without smearing some sunscreen lotion on your body and face to avoid sunburn. This is where the plot twists.

There are two kinds of sunscreen, physical sunscreen, and chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen, also known as mineral sunscreen sits on your face and creates some shield for your face, while chemical sunscreen gets absorbed by your skin and protects you from ultraviolet rays.

If you get acne frequently you need to use sunscreen that is non-comedogenic and oil-free. That’s because the ones which aren’t oil-free will clog your pores and cause acne. While they’re recommended, physical sunscreen lotions aren’t oil-free and they will clog up the pores.

Using and Not Using Makeup Remover

Contradiction, yes, but there’s a reasonable explanation for it. When your natural skin oils mix with cosmetics, pores get clogged, and acne blooms. Sometimes it’s not the makeup, but rather the removal of it that poses a problem to your face.

Cleaning your face demands thorough work, no matter what kind of makeup you wear. Dirt, skin oil, and makeup will create clogs that will eventually trigger acne. When that happens, clean your face gently every night by washing it. Clean your makeup brushes frequently and do not share your products and brushes with anyone. Also, search for non-comedogenic products.

Facial Hair Remover

Facial hair removal products that are applied before and after hair removal may clog your pores and promote breakouts. The irritation of hair follicles may also cause a rash. It’s not true acne but rather itchy bumps. This rash can be relieved by using a doctor-approved antibiotic. If it’s not serious, use a warm compress on your face three or four times a day.

Change of Environment

A vacation might be a good time for you to relax, but it might also cause harm to your skin. That’s because the humidity, the sun, and the heat can contribute to acne triggers.

The reason for this is that your skin is reacting to the challenge of the change of environment. This can be fixed by using sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in it. Also, avoid too much exposure to the sun. That ought to do it.

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