5 Netflix Films About College Life

Watching Netflix films is a way to reduce stress from school work during college. Here are the best 5 Netflix films about college life.

Watching Netflix during your college days is one way to help students calm down and relax after tons of lectures and assignments. With Netflix, you can choose films and TV series that will help you free your mind from all the things that bother you. In other words, you get entertainment and fun from Netflix. If you have been busy with school works and tasks and wish that you can pay someone to do homework, then you can visit websites offering online essay writing services. One of these sites is Power Writings, and you may get to know their services by reading powerwritings review. When you have taken the services from sites like this, then you can have extra time to watch entertaining films and TV series on Netflix that are about college life.

Netflix Films about College Life

  1. 21

Who would not want to watch this college-themed movie? It is packed with talented casts, starting from Kevin Spacey, Lauren Fishburne, and many more. The screenplay is all about a group of students who are good with math skills, and their teacher offered them to use it for gambling activities. They set out for a night to win money, and some of them agree to it because they want to fund their college fees and other extracurricular activities. This is a blockbuster film that you would want to watch more than once.

  1. The Magicians

This Netflix film is all about students who are studying at Brakebills University for Magical Education, so they can become well-equipped magicians. The story is composed of action, thriller, romance, comedy, and magical experience. Watching this film series will get you so engaged and hooked that you would want to keep watching.

  1. How to Get Away from Murder

Everyone knows this film series. The plot takes on a college school, and students from the film are studying law to graduate with a degree and become lawyers. The story will make you cringe with some parts, and the whole cast is good with their performance. Starring Viola Davis and the rest of the characters, this film is a must-see, and it will surely get you hooked from the beginning to the last season of the show.

  1. Drumline

This movie was released in 2002, but eventually, you can watch it on Netflix. The whole concept and story will make you feel proud at the end because the movie makes a good connection to the emotions of the viewers. The shots and scenes that happened in college life can relate to your emotions as it is also happening in the real world.

  1. The Social Network

This Netflix film is all about the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. It is an inspiring movie that everyone would want to watch. This is a true to life movie, and watching it would make you understand that people who are successful, started from deep down the bottom, but work tirelessly to achieve their dreams.

As college students, these films appear to be appealing since it is something that they can relate to. If you have lots of free time, you can take a peek into these films, and you might find yourself excited for the next season or chapter.

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