9 Useful Strategies for Smooth Reading in a Foreign Language

First of all, learning to read something in a foreign language other than English will be a totally new experience. Since English language proficiency is considered one of the most challenging examples for those who are learning to read, it also represents a certain set of perceptions that also affect a person’s understanding of a foreign language. Still, it may be approached as an advantage when starting with another language by turning to smooth reading strategies.

9 Useful Strategies for Smooth Reading For The Foreign Language Learners

  1. Focus On Your Existing Reading Skills.

Since you already know how to read, you should use your existing reading skills and personal tricks when you learn a foreign language. Try to catch the general idea of what you read and focus on the text as you analyze what may come next. It will help you to stay attentive and avoid skipping the lines.

  1. Combine Forced Reading & Fun.

There are two types of reading: forced and relaxing. You should practice relaxed reading, which means that you do not force yourself through yet another sentence. Think about the text, stop when you feel like it, and avoid all the pressure as it will help you read what you can correctly.

  1. Practice Reading Aloud With Friends.

Another great approach is learning along with your friends. You can read aloud and share the passages that you love the most. It can be anything from poetry to books about traveling and fashion. Reading together and practicing your text perception skills are among the top activities that boost your mental state as you learn a foreign language. It will also make your reading smoother as there is always some fun involved.

  1. Approach Movie Subtitles Approach.

It is one of the best ways to read as you will always feel inspired and have a visual component to your reading. Even if you are watching some TV series that you know well, it will always help as you read the words and phrases. If some subtitles are not available, like for rare anime series or Korean movies, consider top translation websites where you can get additional help from the experts who will provide you with accurately translated content.

  1. Writing Down Foreign Book Paragraphs.

It is a known fact that writing also involves reading as we automatically read what we write. A great way to make your reading smooth is to write down entire paragraphs from the book that you like. You can write down song lyrics, quotes from your favorite celebrities, passages from children’s books that you know by heart in your native language, and so on.

  1. Record Yourself Reading.

Act just like movie actors who check their skills by filming themselves. You can polish your reading skills by recording yourself reading. This way you will see what mistakes are most common and what words or sequences make you stop. It will also help you to work on your tone, speed, and intonation.

  1. Write Down Reviews of What You’ve Read.

Another interesting trick that you should try is writing down short reviews of what you have just read. This way you will always come back to the original writing as you will seek certain elements and re-read many already familiar parts. It is one of the best ways to improve your reading skills!

  1. Slow Down As You Read.

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not have to read fast or flip the pages just like they do in Sci-Fi movies. The purpose is to understand and remember what you have read. It does not matter how much time it will take you because you also have to enjoy the process. When you feel the pressure and stress, just slow down and read at your own pace.

  1. Sing Along With Foreign Language Songs.

Another great way to practice reading and improve your skills is singing along with your favorite foreign language songs. Download the lyrics and open them on your phone as the music is playing. Singing along to music, you will also relieve the stress and will practice those complex words and sentences in a much more exciting way.

The Cultural Factor

If you add something fun and interesting to your reading, it will always make it an inspiring experience. Remember that you can read subtitles in a movie that you really like or follow the written lyrics of a popular song as you hear it. It will help you interconnect reading with other sensory activities and fun as your perception of new words and principles will grow. It will not feel forced as you read and the educators will appreciate it as the monotonous reading will turn into interesting games.

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