Getting Crafty with Avengers, Teen Style!

Looking for fun ideas to keep you and your friends busy this summer? If you're a total fangirl, you'll LOVE these Avengers crafts for teens! Check them out!

These Avengers Crafts For Teens are perfect for your next party or night in with your friends.  Everyone loves showing their Marvel Comic love with Avengers clothes, parties and games.  These crafts are sure to be a huge hit!  I love Iron Man, but if you love Hulk, Thor or any of the other beloved Avengers team you’ll love these fun crafts!

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Avengers Crafts For Teens

Crocheted Iron Man Glove:  This takes a little bit of skill, but can be done over a few hours or weeks with an hour here and there.  It’s a really cool Avengers craft for teens that love to knit or crochet.  You could even start a fun weekly crocheting group to work on this pattern together!

Thor Hammer:  Everyone wants to be worthy enough to carry Thor’s magical hammer.  This is a super fun craft guys and girls will both love to make.  It’s tons of fun and a great idea to make for a party.

Tie Dyed Captain America T-Shirt:  Tie dying clothing is so much fun and even better when it is something like this special Avengers t-shirt featuring the “Cap”.  Everyone loves the ultimate hero for the United States military!  I think this would be tons of fun to make and wear for the 4th of July this year!

Avengers Finger Puppets:  Puppets aren’t just for little kids at all!  Everyone will love making these super fun and simple Avengers finger puppets.  Then you can act out your favorite scenes from the movie or make up your own!  Grab the actual Marvel comic series for the Avenger’s and act out the books with puppets at your next party!

Hawkeye’s Bow & Arrow:  This is meant for younger kids, but I think it would be a ton of fun to make.  Using PVC you can create your own bow & arrow.  Safer than the real thing, and a fun craft project you and your friends can make together.  It’s definitely on my list of fun craft items.

I love having my friends over for a movie night, or just to hang out on the weekends.  These Avengers crafts are perfect for when they come over.  We can order in pizza, turn on the Avenger’s movies (Thor is secretly my favorite), and make something fun.  I think the t-shirt is my favorite, but the puppets would be a lot of fun to make and create stories with.  Maybe a whole fun series of YouTube vidoes?  Definitely!

What’s your favorite Avengers craft for teens? Talk to me in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Getting Crafty with Avengers, Teen Style!

  1. Isa loves to do crafts. I will share this with her…she can make something for Davey – he loves the Avengers

  2. These crafts are awesome! I’ll have to share them with my niece, she’s crafty and into the Avengers movies.

  3. Wow .. those gloves look like they will take some time but I like the nature of this. It looks like a great thing for Kids since Marvel Characters are so popular.

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