Imaginary Friends Book Series Brings the Stories to Life!

Looking for an awesome new kids book series that will inspire your children to read more? Check out Imaginary Friends, a fully immersive, interactive online and  offline experience!

Stitch Media announces today, May 27, 2015 the launch of their Kickstarter program for a new kids book series called Imaginary Friends that is sure to revolutionize your kids reading!  Imagine an interactive adventure book series that takes your 8-12 year old right into incredible adventures and missions!  This new series of books is all about getting your entire family involved in a wonderful reading adventure like no other!

Imaginary Friends Awesome New Kids Book Series

This amazing new series is perfect for getting your kids excited about adventures found between the pages of the book.  The best part is that each book is truly an adventure for the entire family.  From the fun activity kit that includes puzzles, notes and other fun ideas to bring the story to life in your home to the use of parents as part of the interactive story this series is sure to become a family favorite and fast!

The magic begins when parents log on and trigger the interactive part of the story. These aren’t just tales that you read in a few minutes and toss on a shelf. In fact, you can’t read the entire story in a few minutes! The tale advances only when you’ve completed the interactive challenges. These include kid favorites such as secret communications, scavenger hunts, puzzles and more.

Kids love getting involved in the story, and giving them input in how things end up is important with this series.  Series creator, Evan Jones recently said, “I wanted to build an adventure kit we could work through together.”  Not only did this book create a great way to get your kids excited about reading in general, but about doing something exciting with their parents!

Looking for an awesome new kids book series that will inspire your children to read more? Check out Imaginary Friends, a fully immersive, interactive online and  offline experience!

You can get involved in making the Imaginary Friends interactive book and activity kit series a reality when you contribute to their Kickstarter program!  Right now, they are launching this Kickstarter Campaign to enlist parents who are willing to become advisors and offer input into how this series will grow and evolve.

Contribute the following:

  • $5 to join the editorial team
  • $35 for an Adventure Kit bundle of your choice
  • $115 to help choose the next set of stories & a 1 year subscription of four books
  • $750 to have your child adapted as a primary character in an upcoming story and 1 year of adventures
  • $8000 to work directly with the production team as an editor for one of the books

Join Stitch Media as they develop Imaginary Friends to become an amazing interactive series of books that will be the “cutting edge game design that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.”


Your donation to this Kickstarter Fund will give you not only a chance to be a part of the development team in various ways, but it will give your kids a chance to enjoy interactive reading and activities in a whole new way.  To become a part of the series will be life changing for both your child and you!

What type of adventure would YOU love to take with your family through the magic of reading? Tell us in the comments!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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45 thoughts on “Imaginary Friends Book Series Brings the Stories to Life!

  1. This sounds awesome! My kids would absolutely love this series.

  2. This is so cool and helps with imaginations of kids. I’d love to take my kids on a mystery travel adventure through reading.

  3. My son loves reading. This looks like a really cool series for him to try out. (With his dad reading it to him. My son is almost 4.)

  4. This sounds great. I’m all for stories and books that kids can have an imagination while reading. Isn’t that the best?

  5. This is great! What a wonderful idea! Kids really get more involved in reading when it’s interactive and this does it perfectly!

  6. My daughter would absolutely love this. I’m going to have to check out the Kickstarter page!

  7. My kids would have loved this series when they were younger. I will have to share this with my friends that have little ones.

  8. I love this wonderful idea. Sounds like lot of fun for the kids. I am sure my kids would really love to read this cute series. I pretty much love the idea of more interactive reading as Kids get better every day.

  9. What an awesome series! My daughter is learning to read and I love to listen to her read to her little brother.

  10. This is a great series for Kids .. I hope they get the required amount to continue with this. Great feature .. thanks for sharing

  11. It is always nice to find a good book series to share with children. When you add an interactive component to the reading it is even better.

  12. I like learning about historical figures and events with my kiddos through reading. They have learned about so many things by engaging in age-appropriate books with interesting storylines!

  13. Wow. This sounds like a great series for young readers, especially with the interactive capability.

  14. Kickstarters are great! Also this is like a cool updated version of the choose your own adventure series but much more interactive. Awesome

  15. My kids are a little too young for this now, but I love supporting any campaign that involves reading promotion! 🙂

  16. This looks like a really good series, we’d definitely go for a mystery. This would be really neat if they could do this with a cookbook or something like that. My kids love stories that have recipes in them to try as well. I think this is definitely a neat concept and sounds really interesting even for the most reluctant of readers.

  17. Love this idea and will keep this in mind if I will buy something for my friend’s kids or my sister-in-law’s kids. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I’m all in for developing imagination on the kids. In our days, will all this overwhelming technology, things like this are really rare. Good luck on Kickstarter!

  19. What a wonderful idea this company has dreamed up. Not only does it get kids excited about reading but also keeps their brains active thinking!!

  20. Having a rich imagination can really contribute to a kids creativity. This would really be a great learning tool for them with puzzles and games to keep them entertained and thinking.

  21. Looks pretty interesting series for kids! My two boys loves to read kind of book like this imaginary friend.

  22. I love that they read these books in their fort! that looks like so much fun!

  23. This sounds like a really cool series. my 8 year old niece would love to be made into a character in one of these books.

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