Best Educational Activities For Children On Play Dates

On your child’s next playdate, why not plan some fun educational activities that will both teach and entertain?

Best Educational Activities For Children On Play Dates

Children often learn more when they play in groups. Organizing play dates at home is the best way to encourage group playing among children. But, if you are organizing play dates frequently at your home then you might be falling short of ideas to engage the children in educational activities. Here are few educational activities that are worth involving your child’s team on play date.

Educational activities for children on play dates

  •  Craft work: While inviting the children for a play date ask them to collect few items they would love, such as small shells, feathers, colorful leaves etc. On the play date pile up things brought by the children and guide them to decorate the greeting cards in a way they love using the available items. They can use these cards as gifts for their friends on days like Thanksgiving. This develops creativity and social skills such as co-operation and sharing among children.
  • Puppet show: This is an ideal game to help children speak and express their hidden ideas. Prepare a variety of puppets and give them to children on the play date. Ask the children to tell a short story using the puppets. This makes the children think and they even come up with some of their experiences. This gives an opportunity for the children to share their feelings and is also a best way for the parents to understand their children’s feelings.
  • Group singing: Play a few of the children’s’ favorite songs. Give each child a copy of the lyrics of the song and ask them to sing in group along with you. This activity develops flair towards music and s reading ability among the children. By singing in group they even overcome timidity.
  • Word scramble: Give each child a set of alphabets. Ask the first child to make a word using the letters he possesses. Now, the second child should make a word that starts with the last letter of the word given by first child. The game continues until all the children complete their turn. This helps the children learn spellings of different words and improves their vocabulary. You can even print out some fun word scramble games for kids!

As you can see,  each of these educational activities develop various skills among children. Activities like painting help children suffering with disorders such as autism who are verbally poor communicate efficiently using their drawings. On the whole, play dates should be planned well to make it enthusiastic and fun filled for all children.

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10 thoughts on “Best Educational Activities For Children On Play Dates

  1. Great ideas!  My little one goes to daycare so she has a daily play date.  It's a wonderul daycare and these are just the sorts of activities that they do!

  2. These are great ideas!  And it's so true, that kids learn so much more when with other kids, and are more willing to try new things too 🙂

  3. I love the puppets! I have some from a German compay that's a wizard that my son adores. We do a lot of Waldorf inspired learning and play.  Great post!

  4. I don't think we even have puppets anymore.  We really must get some, or even better make some.  Such good ideas here!

  5. We just made ornaments for the grandparents and they LOVE them. The kids (all under 3) even took the time to do them. Fun for everyone. Puppets are also a fav around here.

    Besos, Sarah

    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  6. those are great ideas! love them all. We actually just bought the kids an entire puppet set for Christmas so they can have fun and make up shows, this would be perfect on play days with friends too!

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