Easter Food Ideas (That Aren’t Hot Cross Buns)

Hot cross buns and roast lamb – the defining food of the Easter holidays. But having the same thing year after year can get a little tedious. That’s why in this post, we explore some alternatives. Check them out below.

Pastrami Sandwich

You don’t have to make things complicated at Easter. In fact, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. For instance, this pastrami sandwich is incredibly easy to make and looks like something right out of a deli. It’s just a floured sourdough bun, sliced in two and then filled with rounds of pastrami, cheese and salad.

Chicken Sandwich

If you’re the sort of person who loves fried chicken, then you’ll enjoy this chicken sandwich concept.

The idea is pretty simple. First, grab a piece of fried chicken. You can either order it from your favorite takeout or cook a fresh one from the grocery store. Then make your own coleslaw. You can do this by shredding carrot, cabbage and onion and then mixing it with some mayonnaise, a bit of mustard and extra vinegar to taste. After that, all you need to do is toast a brioche bun and garnish with jalapenos and sweet BBQ sauce. It’s something that the whole family will love.

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

This delicious snack is popular across the pond. And it’s incredibly easy to make.

Grab some sausage meat – usually pork – and then add some spices to the mixture and plenty of salt and pepper. Then roll out a sheet of puff pastry and place the filling inside. Then put the whole ensemble in the oven to cook for about 20 minutes on a high heat. While these rolls are popular at Christmas time, they work well at Easter too, particularly if you have young kids.

Hot Dogs

Those looking for something simply at this time of year might want to opt for the humble hot dog. In this example, you can see that the person has applied the classic ketchup and mustard combo, but you can make your toppings more interesting if you like.

Continental Slices

If you’ve never tried a continent slice before, you’re missing out. This delicious treat has the perfect combination of gooey and crumbly texture. What’s more, it’s the type of recipe that’s easy to make in a big batch. All you need is a large tray. You bake and leave it to set and then slice it into portions. Usually, you can make 24 or more servings in one go.

Rice Bubbles

Unsplash – CC0 License

A 4 ingredient rice bubble slice is a nice alternative to conventional Easter eggs. It’s incredibly easy to make too. All you need are some rice puffs, honey, sugar and butter. Then, if you want to dip them in melted chocolate and leave them to set, as shown above, you can.

German Striezel

At Easter time, people in Germany and Austria love to eat Striezel. It’s a kind of sweet bread containing fruit and sometimes nuts. What’s more, you can usually make it from pantry staples. You don’t need to rush out to the grocery store.

Blueberry Danish Bake With Lemon Glaze

If your family loves Danish pastries, then you’ll love this blueberry bake concept with lemon glaze. The idea is actually quite simple. Create the Danish pastry swirls filled with blueberries as you normally would. Then place them together in a round cake tin so that they brush up against each other. Bake them as a group and then drizzle lemon glaze icing over the top once cooked to add a little sharpness.

Raspberry Lollies

Raspberry lollies are another easy-to-make recipe idea. For this, you’ll need some raspberries, cream and sugar.

Start by mixing all of the ingredients together in a bowl. You don’t have to puree the raspberries completely, but it does help if you break them up a little bit and their juices flow into the cream. Then pour the liquid into the molds and leave them to freeze. When you come to unfreeze them, warm the molds slightly if they are stiff.

White Chocolate Cake With Dark Chocolate Frosting

Lastly, if you want your Easter Sunday meal to have a big finale, this is it. What you’re looking at is a large white chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and a chocolate shaving topping. You’ll want to make this cake like a gateaux with soft, butterscotch filling and sponge inside. Serve with a cake knife.

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