Fitness Activities For Kids: Babies

Fitness Activities For Kids: Babies

Babies are not too young to begin a fitness regimen. While they may not be up and running quite yet, there are fitness activities for kids this age that you can do to strengthen their muscles and help them get used to active play.

Fitness Activities for Kids: Babies

Rocking Exercises

A great way to strengthen your baby’s muscles is to have them sit up and take their hands and for you to lean back, then forward again. You will be creating a rocking motion and you can sing, ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as you do it to add some fun.

Stretching the Legs

Fitness activities for kids can include stretching. While you would never work out without stretching first, neither should your baby. While they are laying on their backs, take one of their legs and gently raise it up and bend it at the knee. Gently push for a few seconds, then release. Do the same with the other leg. This helps stretch their muscles a bit and it ensures that their legs are getting worked out even if they are not mobile yet.

Practice Walking

If your baby does not walk yet, then you can help them by walking with them. Just grab onto their hands and help them take steps forward. Do not worry if they seem to resist it or have problems staying on their feet. The point is that you are exercising their legs and introducing them to the concept of walking at the same time.

Crawl Chase

When your baby gets good at crawling, this would be one of those fitness activities for kids that will get them moving and laughing. Get on the floor and crawl around with your baby. You can chase your baby while they are crawling and have them chase you right back. My kids always giggled a lot whenever we played this game.

Playing With Balls

Most babies love balls and if you have some in various colors and sizes, then use them to play with your baby. Sit on the floor with your child and roll the ball to your little one. They may not push it back depending on how old they are and what their skills are. However, once they do, they will be working out those little arms of theirs.

When thinking of ideas to encourage active play with your child, get creative. Just remember, fitness activities for kids should be fun, especially when it comes to babies.


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