Fitness Activities For Kids: Preschoolers

Fitness Activities for Kids in Preschool

It is important for kids of all ages to have fitness as a daily routine. This makes it easier for them as they get older to recognize that staying active is just as normal as brushing their teeth and will help curb obesity and sedentary throughout their lives. Finding fitness activities for kids during the preschool years is easy since they have so much energy and love to try new things.

5 Fun Fitness Activities for Kids in Preschool

Go Exploring
Fitness Activities for Kids: Exploring Outdoors

Preschoolers love to see and experience new things and the majority of them love being outdoors. Try going for brisk walks in new areas or even take your kids on an easy hiking trail. While you go exploring, you can talk to your children about the different varieties of plants or how the dirt beneath your feet is different than the one in the backyard. If you want to truly make it a fitness activity, then skip while you walk and work out the legs, knees and hips. This is one of those fitness activities for kids that is great if you have younger children in tow or are limited physically in some way.

Community Sports

Fitness Activities for Kids: Community Sports

Athletics are a great way to keep your preschoolers active. While many schools do not offer sports until middle school, there are tons of community sports programs available. In our area, the city offers softball and soccer for children as young as 4 years old. Not only will they learn about being a team player and following directions, they will also improve their motor skills while staying active.

Activity Classes
Fitness Activities for Kids: Activity Classes
Fitness activities for kids does not have to be limited to sports. Check out your local activities classes such as dance, gymnastics and more. The classes are small and your child will be active, meet new friends and benefit from the instruction in a small setting.

Fitness Activities for Kids: Trampolines
Kids love jumping on trampolines! This is one of those fitness activities for kids that your preschooler will not complain about. The jumping will allow your child to work out their legs and it also helps them learn balance. If they twist their waists while jumping, this can work out that area of their bodies as well.

Fitness Activities for Kids: Bowling
Fitness activities for kids can include the whole family, too! We love to go bowling and we take advantage of the discounted rates for going bowling during the day. Holding and swinging a bowling ball can work out your preschoolers arms and the movement that is required to actually bowl involves many different muscles.

There are lots of fitness activities for kids that will be fun and let your preschoolers stay active. What are some of your favorite activities to keep your little ones moving?

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25 thoughts on “Fitness Activities For Kids: Preschoolers

  1. I would LOVE a trampoline for my kids but wouldn’t have anywhere to put it in this small house. All great ideas though!

    1. I always wanted a trampoline! I did end up getting one of those mini trampolines and I have it in the corner of my daughters’ room.

    1. Thanks! My little one goes bowling with us and while we have to help her, she has a lot of fun!

  2. These are all great ideas! I run a Preschool play time and the kids absolutely love playing with the parachute! And we do bowling too…. but mostly the kids just like to kick down the pins (in the gym). ~Sigh~

  3. Thanks for the list of ways to keep kids active. As of January of this year, I’ve been all about getting my family active and healthy!

    1. Thanks you! During winter it’s hard to keep the kids occupied when they have so much energy and it’s too cold outside – trampolines are perfect for those days!

  4. Fun ideas! We used to take the girls for hikes (really they were strolls) and there was a shallow stream that they would play in for HOURS!!! Sticks and rubber boots were all that was required! 🙂 Great post.

    1. I love hikes and walking along the trails (easy trails since they are little!) We do have a river nearby and this summer we plan on spending a lot of time there!

  5. My son has the same trampoline and loves it! It’s a perfect way to get some exercise on a cold or rainy day. I also want to take him bowling soon.

  6. Great ideas! My son used to do gymnastics. I would like to get him back into it or something else in a few months when he’s old enough to be in the class where mommy doesn’t have to participate. I think his behavior will be better.

  7. I’ve thought about getting my preschooler in gymnastics – she has so much energy and is really athletic. I think she would enjoy it!

    1. Trampolines are a lot of fun and great for keeping kids active!

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