Movies vs Books: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Have you ever thought about the importance of art? Unfortunately, nowadays people are really concentrated on making money and other problems. Most of them forgot when was the last day they spent time by themselves just reading a book or watching a film.

Imagine coming back after school or work, making a cup of tea or coffee, sitting in a cozy chair, or laying down on a comfortable couch. Turn on the TV, computer, or look through the bookshelves in order to find the perfect novel to read. The time you spend alone in complete silence and peace is so rare. And it’s so obvious considering the amount of homework each student has to accomplish.

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What is Art

Now let’s draw your attention to the most beautiful and mysterious thing which art is. When it comes to this topic, you have to take into account one quote. Once the famous actress Helena Bonham Carter said, “I think everything in life is art”. We can’t disagree with her, as almost everything you do is the way you express yourself. Art can be in the way you dress, the way you smile, the way you show love to your close ones, and even in your daily routine.

Visual Storytelling

But there is another type of art which is visual storytelling. Basically, it is the way a creator communicates with the audience without any words. The only thing he uses is a visual image. Thus, we are provided with the possibility to expand our imagination and even worldview. On the one hand, the visual medium is a perfect way to ensure that a story is retained in the audience’s memory. But on the other hand, using the wrong visuals can lead to creating the wrong images in the viewer’s mind.

6 Principles of Visual Storytelling

  1. Realizing what you want to say, why, and in what way.
  2. Complementing the story by images.
  3. Gathering, analyzing, and processing the information to create an image with the right design.
  4. Using the secondary attributes of speech such as laws of form, line, rhythm, color, light, and composition.
  5. Taking into account the viewer’s psychology of perception.
  6. Establishing a trust-based connection with the audience.

The Difference Between Movies and Books

It’s not a secret that reading something or watching a film is one of the best ways to unwind and escape from the stress-filled reality. Comparing these two best things is actually pointless. Anyways, both of them have equal merits. And yet, they still differ in some ways.

The main difference is that while reading, students are able to create an image of a character, location, and surroundings by ourselves. But while watching a film we are already provided with all of these details and can only enjoy what we see. Another is that the movie was made by hundreds of people while the book is written by one person.

When talking about book adaptation, its drawback can be the shortening of the story or omission of some scenes which could’ve been important. But it also can be an advantage. As a reader, you can rely only on your imagination.

For some people, it can be a struggle to visualize everything to understand the plot. With the help of special effects, talented actors, and amazing graphics some details can be shown even in more detail and depth than in books.

Despite these differences, there are still plenty of masterpieces that exist in both written and video formats. You can read a book or watch a film on whatever topic you want, depending on your mood.


Books play a vital role in the development of our personalities and imagination. Reading provides us with a lot of opportunities. For example, it helps us to improve ourtext comprehension skills, upgrade such skills as speaking and writing as well as boost memory and intelligence and illuminate imagination.

Through such a process as reading books, we can grow both mentally and intellectually. While reading, we dive into the world of each book and become witnesses of someone else’s life. Thus, we can find a character with similar personality and problems as we have to deal with. But the thing is, in order to convey the emotions and feelings of a fictional character it takes an author at least 2 pages to fully describe every detail.

That’s why, people who are bouncing around so much, can’t focus and read the story till the end as they are more worried about what’s going to happen in the end. But if the plot is good enough, for sure everyone will read it till the end.


Along with books, watching movies is also a great way to entertain yourself and spend leisure time with benefits. Everything about a film can make us experience a lot of new emotions and feelings starting even from the sound.

Just imagine a scene when the main character is winning a battle or getting rejected and some dramatic music is playing in the background. What do you feel? For sure you will have goosebumps, as all the means of filmmaking are focused on making you feel the same way the main character does. In addition, there are a lot of masterpieces of different genres you will never regret watching.

While watching a movie you become empathetic, as you literally go through the same situations the main character did. In the end, it has a huge impact on you and in the future, you will learn how to empathize with people and become a better version of yourself as a kind human being.

Final Words

Don’t hesitate to discover a world of art and its manifestations. If you have some spare time, make reading or watching movies become your hobby and you will never regret this. We hope you will take into account all the information above and make your own decision about what you prefer to do more.

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