Paintball: Great Venues To Play in Melbourne

Paintball is an activity where two teams compete with each other with the use of toy guns. These players eliminate opponents by hitting them with a paintball – a spherical dye that is filled in a gelatin capsule. Usually, these paintballs are shot using air weapons called paintball markers which are powered by carbon dioxide or compressed air.

Initially developed in 1981, this game has been famous in various places especially in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, because of its popularity, tons of paintball venues were established in the city over the years. As such, below are some of the great places players and fans should visit.

Snipers Den in Heatherton

Snipers Den is one of the most popular paintball rep located in Heatherton. This place boasts not less than 7 acres of playing field for professional players, standard gears for tournaments, and fully-trained referees to ensure players to experience the most hardcore game possible. Since paintball in Melbourne has become a trend, the venue has made sure that players of all abilities can play the game and that they are provided with the best quality paintball fun. Birthday parties, corporate events, and bucks parties are also allowed in this place, making every occasion a memorable and unique one.

World Series in Oakleigh

For people who are looking for affordable paintball venues, then the World Series is the best place to visit. This is located in the center of the lot in little old Oakleigh. Unlike other venues, this place focuses on accuracy through volume, or in simpler words, they sell paintballs at bargain prices so that players can have a greater quantity to hit stuff better. They also offer paintball activities for the kids and an action-packed course that this full of old car wrecks to be enjoyed by adults and pro-gamers.

Le Mans in Dandenong South

Le Mans offers a different type of experience through its “Glow Ball” game. This game is a combat option where players compete with each other in the dark; the only thing they could see is the splatters of glow paints in the dark background. This is the ideal place to have a good photo because it brings a new and unique vibe to the industry of paintballs. Located in Dandenong South, this venue also features a double-story complex to have wider and more thrilling gameplay.

Extreme Paintball in Plumpton

Because of the increasing demand for paintball in Melbourne, Extreme Paintball has created a way to make their venue one of a kind. This place has three types of gaming fields including the “Car Wreckers”, “Castle”, and “Tyres” which makes it the best paintball facility in town. As an overview, Car Wreckers is the most popular choice because this provides good cover for the players, on the other hand, Castle makes its players defend their forts in a non-medieval way, and, lastly, the Tyres lets its players roam in small hiding places and features a paintball grenade. They also provide the latest paintball gear ensuring the players receive the best paintball experience ever.

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