5 Photos from The Walking Dead ‘Something They Need’ Episode That Will Give You the Feels

Wow, The Walking Dead “Something They Need” episode was crazy! Check out 5 pictures that will give you all the feels!

Warning, this article contains spoiler photos about Season 7 Episode 15 of Walking Dead (Something They Need). While the episode did already air, if you are behind, you might want to hold off on checking them out. Of course, if you’re like me and actually like some mild spoilers, then definitely read on! I think it’s kind of fun to try to figure out what’s going to happen based on snippets and sneak peeks.

5 photos from The Walking Dead ‘Something They Need’

Are you ready for the best photos from The Walking Dead ‘Something They Need’ (Season 7, episode 15)? We picked up the best moments from the show. Check them out below.

Sacha, in her cell, who refused to beg for water! GO TO HELL she told her aggressor! Suddenly, she was saved by Negan. He wanted to make a deal with her.

 photo TWD_715_GP_1104_0057-RT_zpsxa6vjxnh.jpg

Eugene: Sneaking into Sacha’s cell!

 photo TWD_715_GP_1104_0138-RT_zpsiu1kmepq.jpg

 photo TWD_715_GP_1026_0170-RT_zpshqqvb9j5.jpg

Kyle with his weapon behind a tree
 photo TWD_715_GP_1101_0104-RT_zpsk4lxuh2y.jpg

 photo TWD_715_GP_1028_0038-RT_zpsxfjqo5fx.jpg

Did you watch The Walking Dead ‘Something They Need’, season 7, episode 15? What was your favorite moment?

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