Rolling Along in Ride-On Toys for Tots

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Give your tots the freedom to cruise the living room with these cool ride-on toys for toddlers from Chicco! Each one has exciting features they'll love!

Looking for fun ride-on toys for toddlers that will help teach your little one balance, coordination and other gross motor skills? We rounded up a few of our favorites from Chicco! Ride-on toys were always a huge hit when my son was little. I must have had about a dozen of them My son loved being able to hop on a fun toy and take a cruise around the living room. To a toddler, it’s a little burst of freedom. Plus, they get to emulate Mom or Dad when they drive! Let’s just hope you don’t have any bad road rage habits! Ready to get rolling? Let’s check out these cute ride-on toys from Chicco! Then read on to find out how you can get a free NaturalFit feeding system gift set!

Fun Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Sit & Ride Train: This is one of my favorite ride-on toys for toddlers because it’s just so darn cute. Toddlers can use it as a walker and push the choo-choo around the living room, or they can hop on and take the train for a spin along the imaginary tracks. If you want to make it even more exciting, you could put down some masking tape and make them their own little track system through the house. It features an electronic panel on the steering wheel with thrilling lights and sounds.

Charlie Sky Rider: Charlie is another super cute and colorful ride-on that can also be used as a walker. Tots can store their favorite treasures in his seat. He makes different sounds too, but he’s all manual. I kind of love that, since it requires kids to do more of the work. Levers move up and down, compasses rotate and crackle, and propellers turn, all at the hands of your little one.

Chicco 4 in 1 Ride On: If you want a ride-on toy that can entertain in other ways, this one is perfect. The 4 in 1 also comes in orange. It’s a rocker, a push-and-g0, a push-and-walk, and, of course, a ride-on. The activity center is accessible in every mode.

Pink Arrow or  Red Bullet Balance Bike: The balance bike from Chicco comes in both pink and red. It’s perfect for ages 3 and up, hitting the tail end of the toddler years. It’s the ideal first bike because it’s low enough to the grown to encourage little ones to start balancing on two wheels without fear of falling. My son never learned how to ride a bike. Why? Because we started with training wheels. The wheels would come loose all the time and wobble. Jacob fell more often with training wheels than I ever did without them. He got discouraged and didn’t want to do it anymore. I wish I had started him on something more like this.

These ride-on toys for toddlers are a great way to give your little one the perception of freedom and let him explore his surroundings while inspiring his imagination.

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What is on your list of must-have ride-on toys? Tell us in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Rolling Along in Ride-On Toys for Tots

  1. My kids had a cool ride on Thomas the train when they were small. My nephew is now enjoying it 🙂

  2. I remember when my kids were little and love to ride on there toys. My daughter had a caterpillar she would ride all over the house.

  3. Wow, this is a great list. My kids loved their balance bike and still ride it. Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. These ride-on toys look so fun! I wish I had the train for when my son was smaller. He would have loved it.

  5. It’s been a few years since we’ve had toys like this in our house. But, we had it all! I loved the balance bikes, they were great for learning.

  6. We had an older style of ride on toy for Serenity then she was only one, but she quickly outgrew it, and we haven’t replaced it yet. She’s getting a bike for her 4th birthday, next spring, but this year I think we’re going to stick with running.

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