Think Fun’s Last Letter Game for Kids is Unique Educational Fun

Jacob and I recently received the Think Fun Last Letter game for kids to try out. All opinions are our own.

Think Fun's Last Letter Game for Kids is Unique Educational Fun

Ever since Jacob was about three, I’ve been a huge fan of Think Fun games. I remember teaching him to recognize vocabulary words and match objects with ThinkFun Zingo. When he was in Kindergarten, we used What’s Gnu to help him learn to spell. Now that he’s in third grade, I was thrilled to see that Think Fun games offers more challenging fare for older kids. One such game is the brand-new Last Letter game for kids. It’s a game unlike any we’ve ever played before!

How to play Think Fun’s Last Letter Game for Kids

Think Fun’s Last Letter game for kids comes with 61 different cards, each depicting a scene of some sort. In the scene, you’ll find many objects. The goal of the game is to be the first one to get rid of all your cards. Of course, there’s a fun twist! You have to think fast and use your imagination to become the winner.

Think Fun's Last Letter Game for Kids is Unique Educational Fun

Every player gets 5 cards. The dealer places one card in the center and puts the others away for a future game. Here’s where it gets fun! When you flip over the card,you call out one of the objects on the card. For example, “seal.” Then every player looks at their cards and tries to find an object on it that starts with the last letter, in this case, “L.” The first person to put down a card tells the others which object they chose.

Think Fun's Last Letter Game for Kids is Unique Educational Fun

In the above example, the card itself depicted a laboratory. This means that in the next round, all players have to race to be the first to find a card with an object that starts with “y.” The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the game.

The great thing about Last Letter is that you can decide how strict or loose you want to be with the rules. I feel it is incredibly important to teach Jacob to think creatively, so I’m pretty loose with rules. For example, if he says used the seal to represent the letter A because it’s an Arctic animal, (or just an animal, for that matter), I’d let him get away with it. It shows me that he’s thinking beyond what’s in front of his face. I also allowed colors to count, like yellow in a fire for “Y.” According to the official rules, those are acceptable words.

If you want to make it harder, you can remove some of the acceptable word rules. Even harder yet, make one whole game all about adjectives and the next strictly nouns. There are no limits to how you can vary the game to keep in interesting for years to come. This would also make a great party game for kids!

Think Fun’s Last Letter game for kids is appropriate for ages 8 to adult. Head over to Think Fun and check it out, along with a massive selection of other great games. In the upcoming weeks we’ll also be sharing some fun games for younger kids from Think Fun! Follow ThinkFun on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and special offers.

Do you have a favorite game for kids from Think Fun? We’d love to hear about it!

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  1. This would be an excellent game for my son right now. He’s in the fourth grade and his vocabulary building skills are not at grade level. He is determined to reach a certain level this year and Think Funs Last Letter Game for Kids would definitely help him get there.

  2. So, this game sounds really incredible. Is it okay that I am a fully grown woman and read about this game with an excited smile on my face? I want to play it! I kind of have a thing for kids games that can double as adult games, like Apples to Apples. Now there is a fun adult game!

  3. I have no children but in all honesty I think I would love to play this game with a bunch of my adult friends! Of course we would have to use the strictest rules!

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