Unpleasant Things You Might Have to Deal with as a Teenager

You can enjoy life as a teenager. You might not necessarily realize it at the time, but as a teen, you have a lot in your favor. You have your whole life stretching out before you, and possibilities abound.

However, unpleasant things occur in life, and that’s true for teens, just like with adults. In this article, we will discuss some less-than-wonderful stuff that might happen when you’re a teen. You should watch out for these potential issues and know how to combat them.

Bullying or Harassment

Bullying happens a lot, and teens are tempting targets. Bullying can take different forms. You might experience physical bullying. Teens might bully you online. They may call you and harass you by saying various rude or obscene things.

Defense against harassing phone calls exists now. You can see who’s calling you, and if you know the person or suspect a bullying classmate, you do not have to pick up. Also, if someone calls you, you have harassment proof. You can show that to your parents or the police if necessary.

If teens bully you physically, you can involve school administrators or the police. You might not want to involve adults, but sometimes, you have little choice. You don’t deserve physical abuse, and you can speak out against it. It will take bravery, but you have it in you to speak out.

Online harassment might mean getting off social media. You may not want to go this route, but you might have no choice if the harassment becomes too much. You may even feel more mentally healthy by breaking up with social media platforms.

Your Parents Fighting

Many parents argue, and that’s tough when you’re living in the same house as a teen. You might feel like you’re in the middle, and you have to take sides.

You might see a therapist if you can. Seeing a mental health professional can assist you if you feel like a parental anger vortex surrounds you. You can talk about what’s bothering you, and that might help you find stable ground, even if your parents eventually divorce or separate.

Dating Woes

You might also start dating as a teen. Maybe you like someone in your neighborhood. Perhaps a classmate catches your eye, and you start talking to them.

Things might progress, and you might begin going to movies and hanging out together after school. Young love can intoxicate, and you might feel fulfilled and joyful whenever you see this person.

Just that quickly, though, things can change. Maybe you find out they’re seeing someone else behind your back. Perhaps they pressure you for sex, and you’re not ready yet.

Dating as a teen can teach you some harsh lessons, but even if a relationship doesn’t work out, the world won’t end. It might feel differently at the time, but you can come back from that and feel stronger. You’ll survive and find someone else eventually.

You Are Learning to Drive

You might want to drive and get yourself a license and car as soon as possible. Maybe you like thinking about yourself cruising the streets at night and flashing down the highway with freedom ahead of you.

Driving might intoxicate you, but it might frighten you as well. Maybe you worry about getting out on the road with huge trucks and other cars all around you. You might feel like you lack confidence for bad-weather driving or highway driving.

You will gradually improve as a driver. Nobody starts with driving skills. You learn them as time passes, and confidence comes incrementally.

You Must Think About the Future

Just like driving, future thoughts can intoxicate, but they might also frighten you. You know that you should probably attend college if you can afford it. You understand that adulthood looms, and you need skills to get a high-paying job.

You can look at colleges starting in freshman or sophomore year. You should learn about the ones you like and what grades you need to get in. You might try getting the grades you need early, so you’re on the right track freshman and sophomore year.

Try to balance friends and your social life against studying. That balance doesn’t come easily, but you’ll master it if you try.

Teen life remains exciting in any era. Though you have pressure from school, parents, and peers, you’ll soon challenge the world and make a place for yourself. That’s a thrilling thought.  

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