Enchanting Winnie the Pooh Party Games for Kids

Take your tots on a journey to Hundred Acre Woods with these enchanting Winnie the Pooh party games for kids! Easy DIY party ideas are a cinch to pull off!

Do you have a little one who wants to party in the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and friends? You’ll need Winnie the Pooh party games for kids if you’re planning a Pooh Bear bash for a special birthday boy or girl! Check out these ideas for some great fun for the party goers.

Winnie the Pooh Party Games for Kids

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Tigger Bounce

Set up an obstacle course on the floor or ground. Place hula hoops on the floor, stretch a jump rope for hopping over, and make other fun things for the kids to make it over or around. Use orange construction paper to create Tigger “paw prints” and place them along the obstacle course route. The kids will need to bounce like Tigger and follow the paw prints to make it through the obstacle course. At the end, have a small prize for each child.

Bee Collection
Disney Winnie the Pooh Plush: Winnie the Pooh Party Games for Kids

What does Pooh love? Honey of course! In order to have honey, though, you need bees. Use construction paper to create bees. Make sure that one bee has a special marking on the underside. Place them all over the room. At the designated time, give each child a honey bucket (a plastic or paper cup they have decorated prior to the game) and set a timer for everyone to collect bees. Play some music to go along with the game. When time is up (or every bee has been collected), instruct the kids to stop. Have each child sort through their bees. The child who found the special bee wins a prize, like a stuffed Pooh bear!

Who Am I?

Write the names of Winnie the Pooh characters on slips of paper then put the slips into a cup. Have each child draw out a slip. The character will be the one they need to act out — silently (if possible). Play a game of charades so each child can imitate their character and the others can guess. Isn’t this one of the easiest Winnie the Pooh party games for kids?

Rabbit’s Carrot Patch Game

Rabbit loves to garden, and this game will be a fun one for kids who love Winnie the Pooh and his buddies. Use construction paper to make paper carrots. You should make several of them. Get a piece of foam board and paint it brown like dirt. Write an easy trivia question on each carrot then use rolled tape to tape the carrots onto the board. Let kids take turns picking carrots then reading (or having an adult read) the trivia questions.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore
Disney Eeyore Giant Peel and Stick Wall Decals: Winnie the Pooh Party Games for Kids


What Winnie the Pooh party would be complete without a fun game of “Pin the Tail on Eeyore?” Create a board with a drawing of the sad donkey and make a tail. Play traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” or create your own variations. Either way, the kids will love it! No time to create your own? We love the Eeyore wall decal (above) from Birthday Express! When the party’s over, it makes a great keepsake for decorating your child’s room!

This type of party is great for a younger crowd and these games are easy to plan and prepare for — and the kids will have plenty of fun. Enjoy this trip through the Hundred Acre Wood with the little party animals!

Do you have any favorite Winnie the Pooh party games for kids? Tell us in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Enchanting Winnie the Pooh Party Games for Kids

  1. This was a fun list. What little one doesn’t love Pooh and friends?

  2. I’m a big fan of Pooh and anything that includes him is a thumbs up. Pooh party games is a brilliant idea.

  3. I love Winnie the Pooh! When my youngest turns 1, we’re going to have a Pooh themed party. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  4. Awe! Won’t that be a very fun party for the little one. We have this old book about Pooh and Friends and by golly my kids wanted me to read it over and over again before bed time. 🙂 That is so fun! I might want to do that next year. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. That’s fun that you can keep it and use it as a keepsake for the room when you’re done. Pooh is a family fave here. 🙂

  6. Winnie the Pooh has been a favorite of mine since childhood and I have loved sharing it with my son and my little niece. I would love to throw her a themed party before she gets too old and incorporate some of these games!

  7. I love the games you created for a Winnie The Pooh Theme party . They are easy to follow and kids would love them.

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