5 Smashing New Year’s Eve Party Games

New Year's Eve party games can make or break your party! Check out our faves right here.

Do you have your New Year’s Eve party games ready to entertain all your friends?  It is an exciting night!  Out with the old and in with the new.  Be sure your games are just as exciting!  Check out these fun games to play at your New Year’s Eve party.  Your friends are sure to be talking about them in 2016!

New Year’s Eve Party Games

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The Name Game:

This is fun (I might not even wait til New Years!)  Everyone writes one name of a famous person (dead or alive) on a strip of paper, then place them all in a bowl.  Divided into two teams, one player from each team (one team at a time) will pick a name, and then try to get their team to guess the name without saying the name (kind of like Taboo).  Set the timer for one minute, they have to guess as many names as they can.  She can decide to pass on as many names as she wants if she doesn’t know them, but those are going to count against you in the end!  

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Pictionary-New Year’s Edition:

You can create your own game!  You just need a large pad of paper (you can get these at Walmart or sometimes your dollar stores).  When you make your cards (the ones that tell you what you need to draw) make them have a winter and New Year’s theme (things like Ryan Seacrest, the ball, New York City). If you’re in the city, a cleaning service Manhattan would be one way to enjoy the new year and keep the NYC theme. But for everyone else, break your friends up into two teams and battle it out!

Paper Telephone:

No, we aren’t pretending to hold a phone you cut out of paper.  This is way cooler!  Everyone gets a pencil and paper, write your name small in the bottom corner.  Now write a sentence at the top of the paper.  Anything, make it random, or a song lyric.  Something like ‘Mary loves to wear high heels’.  Now pass your paper to the left.  That person is going to draw a picture that illustrates the sentence.  And the papers go around the circle, only the next person can’t see the sentence (fold the paper over to cover it-no cheating!), they have to draw a picture from what they think the picture is.  Fold the paper so only one drawing is visible and pass it on.  The last person is to write the sentence that describes the drawing.  Let’s see how far off everyone is!

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Resolution cards:

When your friends arrive, have them fill out what their New Year’s Resolution is and then toss it into a bucket.  Once everyone is at the party, each person goes around choosing a paper out of the bucket and tries to guess who the resolution belongs to.  You think you know your friends?

Find the gummy bear:

This one gets a little messy!  All you need is a bag (or 2) of gummy bears and a can of whipped cream.  On a few plates (depending on how many friends you want competing at one time) cover the plate high with whipped cream and hide the gummy bears in it.  Make sure each plate has the same amount of bears.  Now, with their hands behind their backs, your friends have to find all the gummy bears using only their mouths!  Take lots of pics!


Games make your New Year’s party unique and fun!  No one wants to fall asleep before the ball drops, and they can ring in the New Year, these are sure to keep everyone awake (and laughing!)  Have fun with your friends and close 2015 out with lots of laughs and ring in 2016 with the same!


What are some fun games you have played in years past?  Share with us below!


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