How to Build the Ultimate Snow Fort

Building a snow fort is one of the funnest winter activities for kids. Check out our tips on how to build the ultimate snow fort that your family will love!

Building a snow fort is one of the funnest winter activities for kids! When there’s a nice blanket of snow on the ground, how can you keep from building frozen fort to hide out in? You just can’t. If you want to create the ultimate snow fort the next time it snows, check out these tips.

Winter Activities for Kids: How to Build the Ultimate Snow Fort

Use the Right Snow

Not all snow is created equal. In order to build anything in the snow — a snowman, a snow fort, snowballs — you simply must have the right snow. What is the right snow? For the best building, the snow needs to be a heavy, wet snow. That powdery fine stuff is fine for watching from inside, but for building stuff, it just doesn’t cut it. To build a proper snow fort, you need to wait for a snowfall that is a heavy, wet blanket all over.

For the best snow fort, you really need a snowfall that is at least two or three inches — more is better. One of the reasons you need a deeper snowfall is because you don’t want to be scraping up snow to build your fort and uncover the grass. That can turn your snow into a dirty mess, so wait until there are a few inches covering everything.

 Use Plastic Boxes for Forms

Sure, you can dig and form snow with your hands, but in the end you get these lopsided, lumpy, weird “blocks” and frozen hands. Gather up (Affiliate link) plastic storage boxes of assorted sizes and use them for forms. Using them will make the job go quicker and will result in a better built snow fort that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Fill each box up with snow. Use the biggest boxes for the first layer of snow blocks. Fill up the boxes, packing the snow as you go, then turn them upside down in place. Create a square with these blocks as your base.

Winter Activities for Kids: How to Build the Ultimate Snow Fort

Next you will make smaller blocks that can be more easily manhandled and maneuvered using smaller plastic boxes. Build these blocks and set aside. Once you have several made, start stacking them on top of the big blocks. Alternate each layer so that a block is centered on top of two block ends to create better support.

Be sure to create a space for an entryway. You can also create small “window” openings as you go.


After you have your basic structure finished, next comes decoration. Use snow to create shapes or even snowmen to stand guard around your fort.

If you want some color, fill a spray bottle with cold water and food coloring. Turn the spray bottle to spray instead of stream and spray color onto your fort. Get artistic and make it unique! Add a flag (a stick with a piece of fabric tied to it) as a finishing touch.

SnowySprayArt winter activity

No matter how old or young you are, building a snow fort is one of the coolest winter activities for kids. If you are building with your kids, you can guarantee you are building more than a fort — you are building a memory they will carry with them forever.

Have you ever built a snow fort? What are your favorite winter activities for kids?

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28 thoughts on “How to Build the Ultimate Snow Fort

  1. I will pass this on to my hubby as he is the one who plays in the snow with the kids 🙂

  2. I built a snow fort when we lived in NY and that massive snow storm a few years back. We don’t get enough snow here in CO where we live to build any.

  3. We’ve got snow forecasted this weekend so this is perfect timing. Definitely pinning.

  4. It would be so fun to build a big fort in the yard with the kids. I’ve never thought to use tupperware for making bricks!

  5. My kids LOVE playing in the snow! These are great tips- i love the idea of using plastic containers to make a fort

  6. I almost never share blog posts with my children, but this one I bookmakred to share with my children. It makes me almost want the snow to arrive!

  7. I used to love to do things like snow forts. That was back when I liked snow many many many many years ago. 😉

  8. That is such a pretty snow fort too! I love the igloo look of the snow bricks.

  9. This officially wins you the MOST fun mom points! My son is a fort builder like no other – I always call him a Doozer because he can build a huge fort in the time it takes me to go to another room and back!

  10. A snow fort sounds like SO much fun, I’m sure my daughter would have a blast playing in it! Now if it would only snow! =)

  11. You absolutely rock. I know all the kids love you just becUse you have this awesome knowledge. My idea of a great fort is in a very nice hotel room.

  12. First I could never endure or survive the amount of time I would have to stay outside! LOL! Sadly, we don’t get enough snow to build much of anything here, even a snowman. If they are right and this is a brutal winter in here the south maybe the kids can get out and have some fun. That fort is awesome!

  13. I love the block idea, how creative! We’ve got a park right across the street from our apartment, I think when we get a good amount of wet snow here in CO, we are going to make a fort! Awesome idea.

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