Top 10 Anime & Manga Kawaii Coloring Books

Looking for fun kawaii coloring books to help you destress after a long day at school?

We’ve got you covered!

These are definitely the cutest anime & manga coloring books around!

Check them out!

Looking for fun kawaii coloring books to help you destress after a long day at school? We've got you covered! These are definitely the cutest anime & manga coloring books around! Check them out!

First, though, let’s talk about what “kawaii” means!

What is Kawaii?

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The word “kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese, but it’s more than that! In fact, it’s an entire culture of cuteness! While Kawaii is a relatively recent trend in the states, it’s existed as part of the culture for generations in Japan.

In fact, many of the items that you’ll find for $5, $10 and up in trendy stores now are things that I bought in the 100 Yen store (the Dollar Store, basically) years ago! Of course, $10 is still cheaper than a flight to Tokyo, right?

A couple more fun facts about kawaii:

  • The trend originated as a “cute handwriting” movement when Japanese school girls started writing with mechanical pencils. They’d create little pictures inside large looping letters!
  • Sanrio originally created Hello Kitty as part of the Kawaii movement. You can’t even turn around in a 100 Yen store without running into some sort of Hello Kitty merch!
  • Speaking of Sanrio, there is an entire theme park dedicated to their 50+ cute characters.
  • Kawaii is traditionally a girl thing, but there are boys involved in the culture. They love transforming themselves into Kawaii women!

If you’re looking for more fun facts, check out Cool Japan by Abby Jensen.

Now that we know a bit more about what kawaii means, let’s check out some fun anime and manga kawaii coloring books!

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Anime & Manga Kawaii Coloring Books

1. Kawaii Coloring Book by Adult Coloring World

This kawaii coloring book features 40 different cute designs to color. Features include:

  • Single-sided coloring pages to prevent bleed-through
  • Variety of images from simple to complicated


2. Kawaii Alpacas by Mindful Coloring Book

The only thing more adorable than regular alpacas are kawaii alpacas! This book features:

  • 58 large pages
  • Print on one side
  • Coloring tips and color test pages


3. Pusheen Coloring Book by Claire Benton

Everyone’s favorite kawaii cat (well, aside from Hello, Kitty) is now ready for you to color! This book includes:

  • 96 pages
  • Designs ranging from super simple to super detailed!
  • Also available in a spiral-bound coloring book

4. Chibi Girls Grayscale Coloring Book by Jade Summer

Looking for a fun chibis coloring book? This highly rated book includes:

  • 25 unique images
  • 2 copies of each image in case you make a mistake.
  • Free digital edition, so you can print out the images as many times as you want.

5. Shades of Kawaii by Miss Wah

This cute coloring book by Miss Wah features:

  • 22 original designs by the famous artist
  • Single pages to cut out and frame
  • Medium-difficulty designs, meaning they aren’t overly simple yet not so detailed that you need a magnifying glass!

6. Pop Manga Coloring Book by Camilla D’Errico

D’Errico is one of the biggest names in anime and manga, and now you can color her designs yourself! This book features:

  • 80 pages of her stunning artwork, ready for you to color
  • Designs ranging from cute fantasy scenes to cool steampunk anime scenes
  • The only downside: it’s printed on both sides

7. Kawaii Food by Dawn Chumley

Feed your appetite for cute food  with this fun kawaii coloring book. Features include:

  • 30 different designs
  • Single sided pages
  • Coloring difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate.

8. YamPuff’s Stuff by Yasmeen H Eldahan

Another cute chibis-style kawaii coloring book, this revised edition features:

  • 48 chibi illustrations on large pages
  • Single-sided printing
  • Mermaids, cute girls, mini chibis, and more

9. Hello Kitty & Friends Coloring Book

There are a few Hello Kitty adult coloring books, but this one is the highest-rated and most detailed! Features include:

  • 47 full-page designs printed on one side
  • Mini “extras” printed on the other side
  • Heavy-stock paper and a white area that acts as a “frame” so you don’t lose part of the design when you pull out the pages

10. tokidoki Coloring Book by tokidoki

If you know the tokidoki lifestyle brand, you also know that they use some of the cutest characters on their apparel. This kawaii coloring book is inspired by those characters. It features:

  •  the most popular tokidoki characters—like Unicorno and Donutella
  • 32 one-sided pages to color
  • designs ranging from super simple to slightly more complex


These are just some of my favorite kawaii coloring books! It’s hard to choose the best one, but I am kind of in love with that alpacas book! Ooh, or maybe the cute food!

How about you? What are your favorite kawaii coloring books? Tell me below!

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