20 Hilarious & Fun Spring Party Games for Teens

If you’re searching for epic spring party games for teens (and adults!), you’re going to love this list!

The right party games take your bash from “hey, that was a nice party!” to “wow, that was epic!”

Not only do they keep your guests entertained, but they also make for some monumental Instagram-worthy photo ops.

Read on for 20 hilarious, fun and (perhaps most important) easy spring party game ideas to play with your friends.

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If you're searching for epic spring party games for teens (and adults!), you're going to love this list! Check it out for 20 indoor and outdoor party game ideas!

Epic Spring Party Games for Teens

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Since spring is pretty well-known for rainy days, we’ll break this up into two sections: indoor spring party games and outdoor games to play.

That way, if Mother Nature decides to throw a tantrum on party day, your bash won’t get ruined, check my site.

Indoor Spring Party Games

Affiliate links included below. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thanks!

If you're searching for epic spring party games for teens (and adults!), you're going to love this list! Check out these indoor game ideas!


If you’re having your party inside, you’ll want to stick to games that won’t leave a humongous mess to clean up (or that won’t leave you with broken lamps & furniture!).

These 10 ideas are crazy fun yet easy on your home.

1. Who Am I?

This party game has a lot of different names, including “Heads Up.” It’s an easy and cheap game that actually lasts throughout the whole party.

  • Before your guests arrive, write down the names of a bunch of famous people who were born during the spring (search “famous people born in March,” ….in April,” etc) on index cards.
  • As your guests arrive, tape one card to their back (or forehead if you want it to be really funny, but seriously, that’s annoying).
  • During the party, they can ask “yes” or “no” questions to try to find out who they are.
  • The first person to discover their identity wins!

2. “Mouth Only” Races

Another game with a myriad of options, “mouth only” races require participants to use, you guessed it, just their mouths to move an object.

Now, I’ve seen this played with everything from candy to paper bags. Please make sure it’s something sanitary! You don’t want your guests going home with the plague!

One idea that I love: a candy race. Here’s how to play:

  • Give each guest two bowls: one filled with candies (like Easter colored M&Ms) and one empty.
  • The goal is to get all of the candy from one bowl to the other, using only their mouths.

Super important: throw out the candy when you’re done so no one accidentally eats someone else’s slobber. Ewwww!

3. Balloon Pop with a Twist

We’ve all played balloon pop at some point or another. You know, the game where you try to pop a balloon by sitting on it?

Well, same concept, but with a twist. Each balloon will hold a funny activity that the popper must do!

Write down things like:

  • Dance like a chicken until the next balloon pops
  • Do the bunny hop until someone pops a pink balloon
  • Spell “Peter Cottonail” backwards before the next person pops their balloon
  • and other spring-themed activities

By the time the last balloon pops, everyone will be rolling on the floor laughing!

4. Giant Tape Egg

A twist on the giant tape ball game, this one requires a bit of work to prepare before the party, but it’s so much fun! Visit  swipenclean.com .

  • Put a prize inside a plastic Easter egg (depending on your budget and guests, it can be anything from candy to Squishies to money)
  • Now wrap the egg in layer after layer of tape.
  • Try to mix up the types of tape, using easy-to-remove washi tape to stickier duct tape.
  • You want a nice big egg. I’m talking bigger than your head!
  • Have guests sit in a circle, then get out a pair of fuzzy dice (regular works too, but fuzzy is more festive) and have them roll to see who goes first.
  • First player rolls the dice and has that many seconds to pull off as much tape as they can (hence the combo of tape, since the game would end too fast if it was all easy tape)
  • Once their time is up, pass the tape egg clockwise and repeat until the plastic egg is completely uncovered (as in, not even a tiny piece of tape left).
  • Winner gets to keep the prize!

5. Spring Karaoke


Thanks to Karaoke apps for smartphones, you don’t have to spend a fortune renting a machine for this fun spring party game!

Load up the playlist with songs that either have the word “spring” in the title or incorporate something from the season (garden, rain, flowers, etc).

6. Jelly Bean Picker Minute to Win It Game

A twist on the “corn pickers” game in the video above, this one uses jelly beans instead.

  • Place two bowls on opposite sides of the room. Fill one bowl with jelly beans, leave the other empty.
  • Each player gets one minute to move the jelly beans from one bowl to the other using only a straw.
  • The person to get the most beans in the other bowl wins.

7. Spring-themed mummy wrap

This is similar to the toilet paper mummy wrap game, except you’ll be using spring-colored streamers (which are a lot cheaper than TP!)

  • Divider players into teams of two.
  • One person is the “mummy” and the other is the “wrapper.”
  • First person to completely wrap their partner (minus the nose and mouth, because breathing is important and all) wins!

8. Apples to Apples Board Game

This one does require buying the Apples & Apples board game, but it’s so worth it.

First, though, let me say that this is my all-time favorite party game and I play it every chance I get. It’s so much fun to see how well you know your friends & family!

Basically, one person throws out a green card with a word on it, then players have to throw in a red card that they think most describes the green card.

The catch- they have to think like the other person. The “green card” player decides which red card best describes their opinion or definition of the word.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s crazy fun and everyone will be laughing by the end!


9. Blindfolded Puzzle Scramble

Let’s be honest: doing a jigsaw puzzle isn’t the most exciting party game…unless you turn it into a race!

For this game, you’ll need a couple of children’s spring jigsaw puzzles (find them at the dollar store), preferably either all the same or with the same number of pieces.

  • To play, dump the pieces out on the table in front of each player and scrambled them up.
  • Blindfold each player.
  • Blow a whistle (or just say “go”) and they’re off!
  • The goal is to be the first person to reassemble the puzzle.



10. Spring-themed charades

Charades is probably the easiest game on the planet to play, which is why it’s one of the most popular indoor party games!

For this version, make a list of spring-themed clues for people to act out! Some ideas include:

  • Movies that take place in spring
  • Easter characters (Cadbury Bunny, Peter Cottontail)
  • Celebrities born during spring (use your research from the first game for this)


Outdoor Spring Party Games for Teens

If you're searching for epic spring party games for teens (and adults!), you're going to love this list! Check out these outdoor game ideas!


Outdoor spring party games leave a little more room for creativity because you don’t have to worry about messing up your house! I love to play these games with my friends and family!

1. Spring Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the fresh spring air and newly sprouting buds for a fun scavenger hunt.

  • Make a list of things found in the spring, like a robin’s nest (just don’t bother it), blooming buds, ladybugs, and so on.
  • Divide your guests into two teams and give each team the list.
  • Send them off into the wild! This works best if you live in a woodsy area, but you can tweak the list for towns and neighborhoods, too.
  • Ask players to snap pictures with their phones as proof that they found the items on the list.

2. Whipped Cream Prize Hunt

This one is a messy party game, but it’s SO much fun!

  • Use food coloring to dye whipped cream icing different spring colors (directions in the video above)
  • Fill medium-sized plastic tubs with the whipped cream, and mix in some fun prizes (nail polish, bubbles, pretty much anything that has package that won’t get ruined by the icing).
  • Try to add some bigger prizes, like a plastic egg with cash inside of it.
  • Place another tub with water next to the icing tub.
  • Blindfold participants and stick them in front of their tubs.
  • Start the timer for one minute.
  • The goal is to find all of the prizes AND clean them off in the water tub in one minute. Whatever they find in that time, they get to keep.

You can also do this with plain whipped cream, but the icing makes it a lot trickier.

3. Life-sized Angry Birds

I’m so disappointed because I thought I invented this myself, but it turns out it’s actually a popular outdoor party game!

Check out this video on how to build a backyard slingshot:

4. Outdoor Kerplunk

Kerplunk gets an outdoor spring party game makeover when you use bright-colored “ball pit” balls, some cheap chicken wire, garden stakes and a easy DIY base.

As always, these games are more fun (not to mention hilarious) when played with a blindfold on!  Learn how to make it here. 

5. Croquet…Alice in Wonderland Style!

Nothing says spring to me quite like Alice in Wonderland, and we all remember that croquet scene played on with the poor flamingos!

Well, this version doesn’t use real flamingos, but it’s still hilarious and fun!

You’ll need:

  • A couple of large pink flamingos (it’s would probably be too expensive to buy one for each guest, so have players take turns)
  • Lightweight “croquet” ball (you can use the ball pit balls from the Kerplunk game above)
  • Some bent wire brackets to make the goals (I seriously have no idea what they’re called in croquet).

Check out the video below to learn how to play croquet:



6. Balloon Dart Game

The classic carnival game also make a fun outdoor spring party game! It’s super simple to DIY using a peg board and balloons.

Seriously, as long as you attach the balloons to something sturdy, anything goes. You can even use thick cardboard!

FYI, this is one game you should NOT play blindfolded! You can make it more fun by using water balloons, though!

In true carnival game fashion, you need prizes that no one would actually spend $15 on, yet can’t resist when it’s at a carnival. At least they don’t have to pay for these!

Here’s how to set it up with prizes:

  • Buy a bunch of cheap prizes, like glow sticks, puzzle balls, or LED glow rings. The cheaper the better if you want to keep with the whole “carnival game” theme.
  • Get a few slightly better prizes, like nail polish, squishy toysor cheap stuffed animals.
  • Grab one or two larger prizes that everyone really wants. Gift cards are a great option.
  • Put a tag on each balloon with a “S” “M” or “L.” Make 90% of the balloons good for small prizes, then sprinkle in some medium and one or two large.
  • Players get three darts to try to pop the balloons.

7. Outdoor Spring Scrabble

Make giant scrabble tiles out of cardboard, then challenge players to get the highest score. The catch, they can only use words associated with spring.

Have an impartial judge on hand to work out disputes.

8. Shaving Cream Foot Art

Another super messy game, this one is best played toward the end of the party. Here’s how:

  • Grab some cheap white poster board and a bunch of cans of shaving cream (whipped cream works, too).
  • Spray the shaving cream into little buckets or tubs and color it with food coloring.
  • Players take off their socks and roll up their pants, then use just their feet to paint with the shaving cream.
  • Judges decide which work of art is the best!

9. Duck Races

Rubber duckies are another thing that reminds me of spring. Maybe it’s because the real ducks return to our lake during the season.

For this game, you’ll need some small or medium rubber duckies and a baby pool filled with water.

The goal is to get your duck to the other side the fastest just by blowing on it (hence then need for the smaller duckies).

10. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

I love this one because it’s easy to clean up.

  • You’ll need some Frisbees (get a bulk box of them so they are all the same size, to be fair)
  • 9 hoops (hula hoops, or just make your own out of cardboard by cutting ring shapes out it)
  • Mark the Frisbees so you know which ones belong to which player (if they’re not different colors)
  • The goal is to throw your Frisbees into a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line.

All of these indoor and outdoor spring party games are sure to make your bash a blast! The hardest part is deciding which ones to play first!

Do you have any favorite spring party games? Share below!


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