10 Cool Things to do with Party Glow Sticks

I bet you didn’t know about these 10 insanely cool things to do with party glow sticks! Check them out & plan the ultimate glow party!

As simple as they seem, party glow sticks can be used for so much more than necklaces and headbands. These small thin bands of light are great for enhancing a party or even movie night! If you’re into up-cycling and reusing items to make them into something new, you will love this list. Party glow sticks are super affordable and can be purchased in bulk. For fun DIY crafts, here are 10 cool things you can do with party glow sticks.

Things to Do with Party Glow Sticks

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1. Glowing balloons

Balloons and glow sticks are both super cheap! Purchase a package of each. Use helium to blow up the balloons. Before tying them, place a glow stick inside of the balloon. Now you have floating balls of light!

2. Make glasses


By disconnecting glow stick necklaces, you can bend and shape them into glasses. Who wouldn’t want to wear glow in the dark shades?

3. Use them in pumpkins.

Putting a glow stick inside of a pumpkin is the perfect way to give your Halloween creation a colorful glow!

4. A glow in the dark jump rope


Purchase a cotton jump rope and glow sticks. Break the glow sticks open, pour the liquid over the jump rope and viola, you have a glowing jump rope!

5. Glow stick tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe can be made even more exciting by using glow sticks as the x’s and o’s as well as the board itself.

6. Glowing Easter eggs


No one is ever too old for a night time Easter egg hunt! Put glow sticks inside of Easter eggs, wait for the sun to go down, and have a blast! Makes for a great nighttime scavenger hunt game, too! No need to wait for Easter to come back around! Check out this great tutorial over at The Mommy Files.

7. Glow stick bowling


All you need for this game is water bottles, glow stick, and a ball. Put the glow sticks inside of the water bottles and you’ve got glowing pins!

8. Lanterns

You can make DIY lanterns at home using empty mason jars and glow sticks. These are perfect for movie night or for using on the porch at night.

9. Chain link decoration

Link the glow sticks together to form a chain and hang it from anywhere. Turn off the lights and you’ve got a neon glow of lights.

10. Neon bath time


For a really cool bath experience, put glow sticks in the tub and turn out the lights! The neon glow will have you bathing in the most colorful water you’ve ever seen.

What do you use party glow sticks for? Do you think you’ll try any of these DIY ideas using glow sticks?

18 thoughts on “10 Cool Things to do with Party Glow Sticks

  1. For the past two years, we’ve had a glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids at our church. They love hunting eggs at night and finding them. I always give out glow bracelets at our annual 4th of July Fireworks Celebration. Love glow sticks!

  2. All this glow in the dark stuff is so much fun and the kids okay and the adults love glow in the dark. You have given me some wonderful ideas.

  3. These are all such fun ideas! I love the glowing balloons and the mason jar lanterns!

  4. These are such cool ideas for glow sticks! I love the glow in the dark jump rope idea.

  5. These are all awesome and fun glow stick ideas. Glow stick lanterns are an idea I am going to use along with the glowing balloons. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  6. These are all SO cool! The bottles are my favorite for sure.

  7. I love the glow sticks in the bottle! These would be really pretty for outdoor parties that extend after dark!

  8. These are all such cool ideas! I love that Easter egg idea. So cool.

  9. Wow lots of cool ideas. We have some glow sticks that are just sitting here so we can do this tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

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