5 Best Young Adult Books To Read This Summer

Looking for great beach reads? Check out our five favorite young adult books to read this summer! We've included everything from dystopian to tear jerkers!
I love reading and these 5 Best Young Adult Books To Read This Summer are tops on my list. I already have them ordered or downloaded so when I hit the beach they will be ready. I love fun dystopian stories, vampire tales and of course the classic tear jerkers and this list has them all.

5 Best Young Adult Books To Read This Summer

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The Nine by Katie Femia: This is the first in a series from a great new author that is a favorite in he dystopian genre. This brings you into the future where a society is being divided by those chosen to live, and those who have to fight for their place in life. The power of the 9 is put to test in a fun book that I can’t wait to finish reading.

Love Sucks! by Melissa Francis: This is another great vampire series that is different from the rest. Not only is it full of romance, but it has some intrigue and suspense. This isn’t like your other teenage vampire series. This one is a great realistic look at vampire problems in the modern world.

Paper Towns by John Green: Since the movie is coming out this summer, I figured I needed to read the book first. I love a fun unique love story, and this one sounds like it won’t disappoint. With the main love interest Margo disappearing it looks and sounds like a great story that should keep me reading until I reach the end of the book to find out what happens!

The Maze Runner: If you have seen the movie but not read the book, you should definitely read it this year. It’s an amazing movie and I can’t wait to read the book to find out what little things didn’t make it to he big screen. Like I said, I love dystopian novels and this one is all about a maze teenagers are throw into as a test of their endurance.

The Sky Is Everywhere:
This book says it deals with love, death, grief and how to manage all of that as a teenager. It is definitely a bit deeper than others, but something I think I’ll enjoy reading. I love reading during the summer break from school, and these are what I think are the best young adult books to read this summer. I have to read these! As soon as I finish, I plan to add more to my list to check out if I can squeeze them in before fall and school!

What young adult books are on your to-be-read pile this summer? Tell us in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “5 Best Young Adult Books To Read This Summer

  1. Those all sound like great books for teens. I am sure they will be very popular this summer.

  2. This is a great list! My son is on the second book in the Maze Runner series and he keeps telling me I need to read it because it’s so good. I think I’ll have to check it out on our beach trip!

  3. I really want to read the Maze Runner series. I did it backwards and saw the movie first, so now I have to read the books. Paper Towns sounds really good too!

  4. The Maze Runner is a great book. I liked the 2nd book in the series too, but the last one leaves much to be desired! Great suggestions!

  5. These are the kind of books that my daughter love to read. I bought her two books to read this summer and she already read both of them. Thenaks for sharing this list.

  6. My teen son has read the book maze runner. I have seen the movie. he refused to as he said the book is much better.

  7. I should definitely try to check some of these out. My daughter always likes to read the YA books after I’m done with them.

  8. Thanks for pitching these books in. I could use some free time spent reading them.

  9. My teen is a reader. I’m thinking these might appeal to her, thank you for the suggestions.

  10. What a great group of books. I had no idea Katie had a book out! I can’t wait to read John Green’s newest. I was able to interview him last summer.

  11. a friend of mine sent me the maze runner. I haven’t checked it out yet but plan to soon. Glad to see its great!

  12. These look like great books. I will have to share this with my Daughter. She loves to read and has been spending a lot of time reading around the pool this summer.

  13. I have read the whole Maze Runner series and love it. I need to read Paper Towns before the movies comes out. Thanks for the recommendations!!

  14. These all sound like great books to read! My goal is definitely to read more this summer so I’ll probably check some of these out.

  15. I’m always looking for new books to read, and I haven’t read any of these yet. Paper Towns seems like a good one with the movie out now.

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