8 Perfect Fall Date Ideas for You and Your Crush

Want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with an awesome date? Or asking your crush out for the first time? Check out these awesome fall date ideas!

There are so many fun things to do in the fall! The weather is starting to cool off but it’s not too cold yet, so you don’t need your winter jacket. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the last little bit of warm weather before the snow comes. Whether you want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with a special day or you and your crush are hanging out for the first time – we’ve got you covered! These date ideas are guaranteed to be a hit and keep you both smiling the whole time. Or grab a group of your friends and get ready for some fun! These ideas will be a hit no matter what!

8 Perfect Fall Date Ideas

1- Pumpkin Carving

Why not get ready for Halloween with this fun idea! Carving a pumpkin can be messy but who cares, dive in and have a blast. Challenge each other to see who can come up with the coolest design.

 2- Farmers Market 

Check out your local farmers market and grab a healthy, local breakfast or lunch, or pick up some fall veggies and cook a yummy meal together! You can’t go wrong with this one! Local Goodness, YUM!

Want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with an awesome date? Or asking your crush out for the first time? Check out these awesome fall date ideas!

 3- Bake a PIE

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pie is always a good idea. Need I say more? Why not bake an apple or pumpkin pie for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner?

 4- Scary Movie

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s the perfect season to catch a scary movie at the cinema. Share some sweet treats and popcorn. Hand holding guaranteed.

 5- Get Active

It’s the perfect season to get outside and have some fun! It’s not too hot and not too cold. Head out on a hike, bike ride, run or go golfing at a driving range. A little friendly competition is always fun! Plus, you get an awesome workout.

6-  Get Artsy

Why not paint a canvas together? Grab some paint and get creative!

 7- Game Time

Check out a football, hockey, soccer or volleyball game at your high school or in your community! Get ready to CHEER!

 8- Volunteer Together

Why not give back to your community by volunteering together at a local shelter or food bank. Make a difference and help others.

I guarantee that these date ideas will be a blast whether you’re hanging with a group of friends or your crush. Get outside and have fun! Check out local festivals happening in your hometown too! Be yourself, be respectful and have a good time!

What’s your favourite idea on the list? What are some of your favourite date ideas? Share in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “8 Perfect Fall Date Ideas for You and Your Crush

  1. Those are very romantic ideas for a date! The farmer’s market would be fun. And movie nights are always awesome.

  2. These are all perfect fall date ideas. I love the craving the pumpkin together and the volunteering together.

  3. I really love the idea to volunteer together! What a way to help others while creating a better bond with your mate.

  4. My husband and I love going to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning! These are great fall date ideas! One thing I want to do this season is go apple picking. We have never done that!

  5. I’m loving that the weather is cooling down and we can get out hiking again! Definitely feeling like fall is finally here!

  6. this is such a great list & I am happy to say that I have done most of these already. We need to make a pie though – that would be good! 😉

  7. These are all great ideas. I loved taking them Kayaking because it was good test of their personality.

  8. Great ideas! I like to do a lot of these things with my hubby 🙂 Although, we could get in on a little more volunteerism together!

  9. This list is so much better than just watching Netflix! I love the pumpkin patch idea, always a favorite of mine.

  10. I love the get active, and game time! I’m going to schedule a date with my hubby to do one of the two 🙂

  11. These are such sweet ideas! My hubby is my crush forever and ever and I can’t wait to do some of these with him!

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