Arrow- Season 4- Episode 3 recap- Sarah’s Restoration? #Arrow

Yesterday was a huge night at Arrow, season 4, episode 3: Restoration. Read our recap and review to learn if the team managed resuscitate Sara.

Yesterday was a huge night at Arrow, season 4, episode 3: Restoration. Read our recap and review to learn if the team managed resuscitate Sara.

Arrow Recap: Season 4, episode: Restoration?

In this episode 3 of Arrow season 4, Laurel and Thea head back to Nanda Parbat to see if the League of Assassins can help Thea handle the effects of the Lazarus pit. Laurel also brings the body of her sister Sara, who was killed in Season 3 by Thea under a mind-controlling plant by her father. Laurel seeks out the new Ra’s Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlin, to use the Lazarus pit to bring back Sara as it was used to bring back Thea when she was killed by the former Ra’s Al Ghul in season 3.

Meanwhile in Star City, John and Oliver continue to collide following the events of Arrow season 3 where Oliver kidnapped John’s wife in order to falsely prove his loyalties to The League of Assassins. After failing to capture a handful of Ghost’s John follows his own lead on the woman who hired Deadshot to kill his brother, a woman named Mina Fayad. Oliver responds to a report of a break in which happens to be a metahuman, Jeremy Tell, from Central City who Mina Fayad and Damien Darhk hired to kill The Green Arrow. Both are nearly killed in their attempts. Following this, Felicity gives the two a rough wake up call of resolving their issues. During a discussion, Oliver asks John to give him a chance to earn his trust back after which John gives Oliver information that John knew H.I.V.E was the organization behind Johns’ brother’s assassination. John and Oliver work together to track down this Minda Fayad only to find she had been killed by Dark after the metahuman failed to kill the Green Arrow. Jeremy Tell then attacks Felicity by tracking the card which was at her company Palmer Technologies. She managed to fend off the attacker who is later tracked down by Oliver and John.

Back in Nanda Parbat, Thea tries to get her father to help her overcome a side effect of the Lazarus Pit, blood lust. His initial advice is to give into the blood lust and kill. After an argument, Malcolm tells Thea of a man up in the mountains who practices ancient medicine and may be able to help. This turns out to be a lie as Malcolm send two members of the League to attack Thea in the night. Thea kills both of these men as Malcolm reveals there is no cure and that killing every few weeks is the only way to keep the blood lust urges away. Following more arguments, Malcolm agrees to allow Sara to be brought back from the dead using the Lazarus pit. Despite all warnings not to and the risk that bringing someone who has been dead for a while hasn’t been done in ages, Laurel agrees and Sara is prepared for the ceremony. Sara’s seriously decayed remains are lowered into the Lazarus pit during the ceremony and it at first appears to be unsuccessful until after a short delay Sara emerges, alive, from the pit. The immediate side effects of the pit have a stronger hold on Sara, the same psychotic behavior first seen by Thea after her submission to the pit is seen. While Laurel, Thea, and Malcolm are standing at Sara who is in chains, Nyssa the daughter of the former Ra’s Al Ghul uses a vile created by her father to destroy the Lazarus pit then swears death to Malcolm. She is then taken by League members at the command of Malcolm.

John, Felicity, and Oliver have drinks together as Oliver hints at a surprise new lair for Team Arrow. In flashbacks, Oliver is on Lian Yu and is forced to use torture in order to prove loyalty to the group who uses the island and slave labor to grow a drug. In the end, Oliver helps one of the captives escape.

Those are the highlights of Arrow, season 4, episode 3: Restoration. Do you watch Arrow?

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  1. I have to get back into this but my hubby keeps talking over me while I am trying to work and tell me the whole story LOLL he loves the ARROW 🙂

  2. No. I’ve never watched Arrow, I find it hard enough trying to catch up with the shows that I do watch to start another 🙂

  3. I have just started on the 1st season of Arrow. My teenage son and I watch it together so that makes it even better.

  4. I haven’t seen this show in a long time. Maybe it’s about time I catch up!

  5. We started watching Arrow when it first aired, however, for some odd reason, we were not able to follow each and every episode. I guess it is about time we catch up. It is a really good show!

  6. I never heard about this movie and it sounds interesting. My mom would surely love it

  7. I’ve never heard of it, you’ve introduced me to something new. What a good sounding plot.

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