7 Great Teen Romance Movies

Looking for a list of teenage romantic Hollywood movies for your next chick flick night with the girls? Check out a few of our favorites!


Are you planning a girls’ night in and looking for some great romance movies?  Also known as chick flicks, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, you will soon learn that the guys aren’t really into watching 90-120 minutes of romance!  Who needs them though right?  Grab your girls, some popcorn and a few of these titles and settle in!

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List of Teenage Romantic Hollywood Movies

A Walk to Remember: You might have read the book by Nicholas Sparks.  Mandy Moore and Shane West star in this 2002 romantic drama set in North Carolina.  Even though they have gone to school together since Kindergarten, Landon (played by West) has never really noticed Jamie (played by Moore).  That is until he is all but forced to when he gets himself in trouble at school and his consequence is to join the school play.  Jamie helps him when he has trouble learning his lines, and well, you have to watch to see how this turns out.  

Grease: Grease is such a classic!  Sandy and Danny meet over the summer before their senior year.  They fall in love, and Danny is such a gentleman!  Fast forward to the first day of senior year, Sandy is a new student at Danny’s high school, and neither one knew this was going to happen.  How is Danny going to keep his bad boy reputation up when that is not the Danny that she knows?  Can they keep their romance alive?  Or will Sandy give him the boot?


Titanic: If you haven’t seen this yet, you are missing out on a classic!  Rose is part of high society and Jack is anything but.  They meet on the maiden voyage of the ship crossing the Atlantic to America.  She is set to be married, but things change when she meets Jack.  Be sure you have your tissues ready!  I still cry every time I see this one.

Pearl Harbor: Don’t be turned off by this historical movie.  While it is based on historical events, it is a love story involving childhood friends Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett) who are pilots in World War II.  Four weeks before accepting a position into the Eagle Squadron flying over in Europe, Rafe met a girl (Kate Beckinsale), who happens to be a nurse in the war.  With Rafe flying planes in Europe, his brother and the nurses, Evelyn included, are relocated to Hawai’i.  Evelyn gets words that Rafe’s plane was shot down, and of course she is devastated.  She and Danny find comfort in each other during the sad time, and develop feelings.  I won’t give away the rest, but a love triangle develops.  Bring the tissues for this one too!   

The Last Song: This is the movie that brought Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth together back in 2010 (you know, before Miley cut all her beautiful hair off and went off the deep end).  Ronnie (Cyrus) is sent with her brother to spend the summer with her father who she hasn’t seen in years.  The rebellious teen is not happy about going for the summer.  Her father tries to reconnect with her through music, like they used to.  However, Ronnie soon finds other interests, such as a handsome local played by Liam Hemsworth.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist: A 2008 romantic-comedy.  Michael Cera plays Nick and Kat Dennings plays Norah.  It is based on a book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.  If you are one of those who feels the movie is never like the book, watch the movie first!  Nick is a bass player in a band and still heartbroken over his recent breakup with his girlfriend (which he is keeping very close time of, poor guy).  He meets Norah when his band is playing, sparks fly pretty quick, he even forgets about his ex for a min.  But, she is bound for college and he is in high school, will it work?  

Never Been Kissed:  Out in the working world and far from high school, Josie Geller (played by Drew Barrymore) is now a journalist who is given the job of writing an article from inside the local high school.  As you can tell by the title, she was that girl in school who never had a boyfriend, and has never been kissed.  Once inside those walls again, she reverts back to her quiet and quirky high school self.  She manages to find her way into the popular group, but then gets tripped up when she falls in love with her English teacher.  No one knows she is really not a high school student though!


I love a good romance movie.  Whether you feel like flying solo and watching alone on a lazy Saturday night, or you get all your besties (with a box of tissues) you should definitely check these out if you haven’t yet!  

What are your faves when it comes to romance movies?  What would you add to this list of teenage romantic Hollywood movies? Leave your favorite titles in the comment section!

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41 thoughts on “7 Great Teen Romance Movies

  1. These are great. Pretty in Pink is also a great one, and Sixteen Candles. Molly Ringwall certainly did a lot of great teen romance type films in the 80s. lol

    Clueless ends up being a bit of a quirky teen romance movie too.

    For some reason I’m having a mental block on other teen ones, and keep thinking of other ones where the main characters are definitely not in their teens.

  2. Awe! Thanks for sharing! Seeing Grease on the list brought back so many childhood memories. My friends and I would watch that movie a million times over and over again. We knew all the songs and did all the dances. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of these great Hollywood romance movies. I have a personal favorite, something I did watch when I was a teen. It is “Zapped” starring Scott Baio and Willie Aames. I guess I just gave away my age. haha.

  4. When I was a kid I loved watching romantic teen films, it was always nice to dream about meeting someone as great as the characters in the movie. I remember really liking that movie 10 things I hate about you. I would probably still watch it if it came on now.

  5. I’ve seen almost all of the movies on your list, but thank you for showing me some new ones.

  6. I love A Walk to Remember and Never Been Kissed! Those are my favorites on this list and I definitely recommend it.

  7. Omg love all of these movies!! Especially grease!!! Such an epic movie!

  8. These are all cute teenage romantic Hollywood movies. I remember watching Grease at the theater as a teen. The Last Song is one I would love to see myself. Thanks for the great list.

  9. I’ve never liked Grease, but I grew up with Titanic, Never Been Kissed, and A Walk to Remember! Funny thing is that the only one I still enjoy is Never Been Kissed. Great list!

  10. I have to confess I am not usually a rom-com kind of girl but Grease, The Last Song and Titanic are great films! 10 Things I Hate About You is good but my personal favourite is post-modern rom-com 500 Days Of Summer, I love the role reversions and how realistic it is.

  11. Grease never gets old! I would add Love and Basketball to my list. Such a great story about first loves!

  12. I’m not such a big fan of chick flick movies, but sometimes, when I’m in the mood I’d watch them. I’ve seen few from your list and found few that I didn’t watch – I will look into them 🙂

  13. Sounds like a great lineup of movies. I will be sure to check some of these out.

  14. Oh, The Last Song. Back when Miley was a flawless, gorgeous human being. I also love Dear John. Because, duh. Channing Tatum.

  15. Great choices! Miss watching teen movies so I will add these to my list ‘to watch’ – some really old classics I want to watch again!

  16. I totally forgot about the movie “Never been kissed” It was such a huge hit where we live.
    Some of the movies you have listed I have seen already but there are a few that I never heard of before. Love teen flicks 🙂

  17. Such a great list!! It reminded me of a few movies I haven’t seen in a while that I need to add to the rotation!

  18. Never Been Kissed is such a good one. You need some good 80’s teen romance flicks in here like Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful and Pretty in Pink. 🙂

  19. I love a great rom-com! It is the perfect way to spend a Friday night! Love that you have included Grease. Say Anything is a favorite of mine!

  20. I love a good romantic movie! I haven’t seen Last Song, but I think I will definitely put that on my list. I have seen it a few times when I am browsing for something to watch, but haven’t watched it. This snowy afternoon sounds like a perfect time!

  21. I think I’ve seen most of these, and they would be fun to watch on Valentine’s Day! You could do a marathon with these.

  22. Great picks. Grease is one of my all time favorite movies. I’ve seen it so many times, I know talk along with it. I remember reading A Walk to Remember on a plane and crying like a baby. The guy next to me thought I was nuts.

  23. The 90’s had the best teen rom coms! They led to a lot of Hollywood A-listers today. Great list.

  24. The 90’s had some great romantic teen comedies that led to A-list Hollywood today. Great list!

  25. Great list! I think you can make 100 lists with diferent teen romance movies and they all still be great lists , there are just to many choices!

  26. For once, I have seen every movie on a list! I love watching teen romance…even now as an adult. Thanks for the great list of movies from my past. 🙂

  27. The 90’s had the best teen romantic comedies! Now the stars are A-listers today.

  28. These are all great!! A Walk to Remember and Never Been Kissed were two of my favorites growing up. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

  29. Grease! What an amazing film! I still sing along to the soundtrack in my car sometimes. Been ages since I watched it. Might put it on my ipad for our upcoming vacation so I can watch it on the plane!

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