Arrow Recap With Spoilers: Beyond Redemption #Arrow

Get caught up with our Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 recap! Last night's Beyond Redemption episode was a MAJOR turning point in the season! Check it out!

If you missed last night’s episode, don’t worry, we’re here with an Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 recap that will get you all caught up in no time! Hold on to your seats, last night’s Beyond Redemption episode was a MAJOR turning point in the season!

Summary (NO SPOILERS): Oliver wants to run for mayor because he is the only person who can make a difference but also protect themselves. The crew discovers a team of criminals who are committing drug crimes and also killing officers and works together to disband them. Detective Lance discovers someone in his life is not gone, but has changed. Oliver continues to infiltrate as he lives life on the island in flashbacks. Continue reading for a full recap and my thoughts – spoilers included!

Check out this clip, “Inside Arrow: Beyond Redemption”

This week’s Arrow episode was action packed and intense as usual, starting with the recap of what happened last week: Oliver wants to run for mayor. The episode begins with Oliver telling his crew about his plans to run for mayor, and of course they aren’t exactly well met. His closest family and friends obviously care about him and his safety, but I personally have complete faith in Oliver! I mean, he’s right in saying that nobody else can run because they can’t defend themselves. I have high hopes that he’ll do great things for his city, especially after seeing his new LAIR! I mean, come on! Possibly the coolest lair ever, thanks to Sisco from S.T.A.R. Labs (great shoutout to Flash fans who can’t get enough of Sisco)! Additionally, there is a crime scene in the beginning where two police officers are killed by people dressed in SWAT gear.

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In the episode, we get to see flashbacks of Oliver infiltrating the island and helping a woman who is captured by the soliders he is infiltrating. As if we couldn’t love him more, he’s the ultimate protector and good guy!

Felicity finds out that Ray has code being sent to her cell phone from his prototype, and there is a voice recording of him in the final moments before his death. Initially, she isn’t ready to open that wound, and neither was I!

The Arrow Crew busts into a warehouse that Felicity tracked down, and dicover that the people who shot the officers in the first scene are actually officers themselves. This is mind blowing! This leads to a whole new problem of Oliver trying to aqcuire the SCPD on his side as mayor because now you’re dealing with a corrupt system, something that is extremely hard to fix! Immediately after this, it flashes to a scene where Laurel leads Detective Lance down the stairs and discovers an alive Sarah, chained up, and seemingly animalistic. Laurel talks about the Lazarus Pit and how it’s done this to her. I am so shocked Sarah came back! I love that they’re incorporating her again and I have hope that they can rehabilitate her to a better state – she was definitely one of my favorites!

Get caught up with our Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 recap! Last night's Beyond Redemption episode was a MAJOR turning point in the season! Check it out!

The Arrow Crew meets up with the corrupted officers and fight scene begins. It didn’t go very well for the Arrow crew although Detective Lance definitely recognizes the officers who are committing the crimes, he confirms that they are part of the SCPD. Because of this, he becomes a target to the group.

Damien Darhk, we find, used to be a part of the League of Assasins so Detective Lance reaches out to him to find a possible solution for Sarah, where he’s given the dark and sad news that she will never be right again and does not posess her soul. Damien recommends that he “put her down”, as that is what he would do if it was his own daughter. This scene made me sad, as I’m hopeful she can be rehabilitated! Because he is not a part of the LoA anymore, I’m still hoping he is wrong. Surely they wouldn’t continue to bring people back from the dead who couldn’t live normal lives. At that point, it wouldn’t be worth it in my opinion!

Oliver sees Detective Lance and Damien talking over a surveillance camera that Felicity has activated to look for the criminals. This is BIG, and Oliver totally lectures him about his decisions to work with Damien. Again, we go on an emotional roller coaster when Sarah is brought up, Oliver mentions Detective Lance as his inspiration for running for mayor, and ultimately we see some really raw emotion shining through from both actors. I loved this scene!

Oliver talks to Thea about possibly making his decision to NOT run for mayor, when he talks about the city possibly being too far to save.

Detective Lance goes down to see Sarah once again, pulls out his gun, and Laurel walks in just in time to see him struggling with his decision based on what Damien said. He ultimately puts the gun down and doesn’t do it, but I honestly thought he was going to! It’s tough because while I want Sarah in the show again, I don’t know if she is able to be saved. I’m holding out for a solution for her, because I think nothing is impossible in Arrow!

Detective Lance gets taken by the corrupt police squad. Arrow squad moves in to rescue him and they disarm all of them except for Liza (the leader) who gets Oliver in a bad position. Det. Lance ultimately convinced her not to kill Oliver and took her to jail. In his convincing, he talks about how he believes that people are not too far beyond redemption, and that ultimately they all wanted justice at one point. He believes the city can still be saved and because of this, Oliver begins to believe in him and asks him to stay on the inside with Damien for potential intel.

Get caught up with our Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 recap! Last night's Beyond Redemption episode was a MAJOR turning point in the season! Check it out!

The final scene is a montage of Oliver giving his speech to run for mayor, an incredible speech about being united and standing together that seems to be well met. In addition to this, Laurel goes to take Sarah food and discovers she is missing, leaving us to wonder if she got out on her own or someone released her. Damien receives a box at the same time and we see Det. Lance going in to meet him. I’m not inclined to believe it is a box of ashes or anything like that, I’m just assuming he will use Sarah and control her to get Det. Lance on his side for good.

Overall, it was a great and emotional episode and I think the crew is finally starting to gain traction and hope again and are functioning like a well oiled machine. It took a few episodes to get back into the swing, but I think we’re seeing them get closer to their full potential again!

What surprises you the most in this Arrow Season 4, Episode 4 recap? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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