Beach party games for kids

Beach Party Games For Kids

Beach Party Games For Kids: Throw the best beach bash ever!


Planning to throw a beach party for your little one? Well, beach parties can be fun and absolutely enticing. They’re also the perfect way to keep your guests cool on those hot summer days! Even better, you don’t have to clean your house or rent a fancy hall- just head to the nearest beach for fun in the sun! Don’t think that you can get away without proper party planning though just because you’re spending the day at the beach. Arrange some fun beach party games for kids to make sure everyone is engaged and occupied throughout the event. If you have little ones, be sure to bring along some beach toys for toddlers to keep them occupied while the older kids play.

Fun Beach Party Games for Kids

Find the shell

Take different buckets, baskets or any other container. Fill up these baskets with sand. Now, carefully place some sea shells in these sands. Keep a row of different baskets and ask your kids to make their pick. As soon as they’ve chosen the basket, ask them to find the shells without throwing the entire sand out. This will be challenging for the kids and a treat to watch. Keep a stopwatch and calculate their time. Finally the kid, who finds the maximum shells in the least amount of time, wins the game. If the kids get messy, have them splash in the water to clean up before the next game!

 Beach bowling

Kids love bowling and when its beach bowling then, there’s nothing like it. Simply fill up some 1 or 2 liter bottles with sand. Soda bottles work wonders here because they are strong and sturdy. You can also use water instead of sand for filling the bottles. Now, get some coconuts and ask the kids to use them as bowling balls. You can get small coconuts and also coconut shaped toys for the job. Place the bottles in a row and the kid who bowls the maximum number of bottles wins the game.

Pinning the coconut

This is one of the best beach party games for kids. For this game, get some brown cardboard and cut it in the shape of a coconut. You can also use brown paper to cover it and give it a coconut like appearance. Now, take a palm tree poster and paste it somewhere along the wall, or create a stand to prop it up on the beach. Give the kids these personalized coconuts and blind fold them. Turn them round and then ask them to pin their coconut on the palm tree. The kids who manage to do it win the game.

Guess the number

Take some different containers and fill them up with a bunch of shells. Make sure the containers are see-through. Now, ask your little ones to take the container and guess the number of shells in them. Don’t let them say anything out loud as they can catch a glimpse from the see through container. The kid who guesses the number closest to the actual number of shells wins the game.

Well, these beach party games for kids are fun aren’t they? Simply try out your favorite games from the list and surprise your kids with it. Your little ones are sure to love these innately out of the box beach games. Check out all our fun party games for kids as well as our beach activities for kids.

Do you have any favorite beach party games for kids? Share them in the comments!

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  1. These are great ideas! I’ll have to share this with my daughter, as she’s planning parties for my grandchildren for their birthdays in August and September.

  2. How fun! The beach is my happy place, and these games will make it “even funner” for the kiddos 😉
    Thanks for sharing…
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  3. These are all fun games and are sure hits with kids. I love the beach bowling and pinning the coconut ideas.

  4. The shell game would be a fun one for me and kids to do on the large beach areas in Clearwater Beach or St. Petersburg if it isn’t too crowded.

  5. I don’t live close to a beach but I was planning on having a beach themed party. This post gave me a lot of great ideas! I love the the find the seashell game.

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