5 Spectacular Crime Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

Put on your mystery-solving hat & get cracking on the case with these best crime TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime!

Put on your mystery-solving hat & get cracking on the case with these best crime TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime! ¬†While Netflix is one of the most talked about streaming media apps, Amazon Prime also offers a huge library of music, movies, and television shows that you can watch on the go and at your own pace. If you are looking for a new crime television show to watch, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon Prime offers dozens of them that you can watch on a rainy day or for when you need your crime fix. Here are five of the best crime shows that you can watch on Amazon Prime.

5 Awesome Crime TV Shows on Amazon Prime

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1. The Wire

The Wire is an HBO-produced show that ran for five seasons. With 60 episodes to watch, you’ll be busy with this show for a little while! This show takes viewers into different locations in Baltimore, Maryland and shows the relationship with law enforcement in the area. Themes include illegal drug trade, print news media, and the seaport.

2. Bosch

Bosch was one of Amazon’s first crime/police television show that was produced by Amazon Studios. The show takes viewers into the life of police officer Bosch, who works for the Los Angeles Police Department as a homicide detective in Hollywood. The show is in its third season and offers 20 episodes.

3. The Fall

If you like British-Irish crime with a hint of drama, The Fall is the next show you want to watch! The Fall is all about a Metropolitan Police Superintendent named Stella Gibson, who is tasked to investigate an open case that points to a serial killer. This show is full of drama and the crime story line is great!

4. Luther

Luther is a quality British crime and drama show that is lead by British actor, Idris Elba. The show has four series which means you’ll have plenty of episodes to keep you busy. Luther is all about John Luther, a detective who is working for the Serious Crime Unit. Though a good police officer, John has some pitfalls that sometimes make viewers question his policing abilities.

5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

If you are a fan of crime television shows, CSI is a must watch show. The show has been running since 2000 which means there are dozens of episodes to watch! CSI takes viewers into a new crime scene each episode, so be prepared for a variety of mini-crime stories that are exciting and full of twists and turns.


Do you have any favorite crime shows that you watch on Amazon Prime? Share below!

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17 thoughts on “5 Spectacular Crime Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

  1. I was a big fan of the Wire when it was on. I would love to sit back and re-watch that series.

  2. You didn’t list NCIS my favorite. Honestly I have only seen CSI and enjoy the show. We do enjoy a good crime show so will check out these others, might find a new favorite.

  3. I haven’t seen any of these shows. I’ll have to check them out! I used to watch a crime show called The Mentalist that was really good.

  4. The only one I have seen is CSI. I used to love this show and I think I’ve seen most of the episodes!

  5. OK now I am going to have to check out if we get this on our Prime (they always seem to be so different) but I would love to watch Luther and I’m up for rewatching CSI for sure.

  6. I haven’t seen any of these except CSI! Have heard really good things about Luther and The Fall, can’t wait to check them out!

  7. I have watched several of these shows before. I want to watch Luther but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  8. I love shows that are about crimes and how they solved it. I should check all items from this list.

  9. I’ve only ever watched CSI from this list. I’ll have to check some of them out. Crime shows are really intense!

  10. I had only heard of CSI and Bosch on this list. I loved CSI and will have to check out the other ones over the summer as I am looking for things to stream.

  11. I absolutely love crime shows but would you believe that I have actually never seen any of these?! Adding them to my to watch list!

  12. I’m a little bit obsessed with crime shows. And Amazon Prime videos, lol. I watch them on my kindle all night sometimes when I don’t want to disturb anyone by turning on the TV.

  13. I’m burned out from CSI oversaturation but these other crime shows appear to worth looking into when I have some time for watching TV on Netflix. I always enjoy sitting down and watching some of the Law & Order episodes from the first few seasons of that series.

  14. My whole family loves CSI – I didn’t know it was on Netflix! We usually watch the kids’ movies and House of Cards. I’ll be watching CSI now too!

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