Dancing with the Stars- Week 6: Famous Dances Night Recap #DWTS

DANCING WITH THE STARS Week 6 recap: If you missed the Famous Dances Night episode, we'll get you all caught up! Plus, find out who went home!

So here we are at week 6, with 9 couples still left, with one couple going home tonight. Tonight’s theme is Famous Dances Night, with the couples recreating iconic dance routines from movies as well as music videos. Tonight’s guest judge is Olivia Newton John. Also Erin Andrews will not be co-hosting tonight because of previous sports commitment so Leah Remini will be her replacement tonight.

Dancing with the Stars Week 6- Famous Dances Night Recap

Here is the songs and dances that the couples will perform tonight:

  • Alek & Lindsay – “Jailhouse Rock” from Jailhouse Rock – Jive
  • Alexa & Mark– “I’m A Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears – Cha Cha
  • Andy & Allison – “Good Morning” from Singing In The Rain
  • Bindi & Derek – “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing – Rumba
  • Carlos & Witney – “Pony” from Magic Mike – Rumba
  • Hayes & Emma – “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease
  • Nick & Sharna– “You Should Be Dancing” from Saturday Night Fever
  • Paula & Louis– “Vogue” by Madonna
  • Tamar & Valentin– “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson

First up:

Hayes and Emma-

So, Hayes admitted he has never seen the movie Grease before. Seriously, how can you have not seen Grease Hayes? Wow! They do a great job with this dance. Hayes looked just like a young John Travolta, even down to the greased-up hair. I think Hayes still needs some work though in some areas. He didn’t miss any steps but he seemed a bit he isn’t always as precise as he should be. But overall, well done to both of them.

Carrie Ann- 8- She said Hayes needs a bit of finesse in his dancing

Olivia- 8- She called Hayes a baby John

Julianne- 8- She said Hayes owned the dance

Bruno- 8- He said Hayes had star quality but needs to splice the beat

Total: 32 /40

Andy and Allison-

Andy brings in some confidence this week from his time with Sharna last week. Andy and Allison get some great advice from Patricia Kelly, Gene Kelly’s widow. I love how well Andy is doing tonight. He looks like a whole new Andy out there on the dance floor, confident and smiling. He is not making the mistakes he has made in the past. Very, very well done!

Carrie Ann-10- She said the dance had ease and grace

Olivia-10- She thought it was wonderful

Julianne-10- She said Andy is continuing to improve each week

Bruno-10- He thought Andy did an honor to this classic dance

Total: 40/40

Alexa and Mark-

Alexa is confident from last week’s first perfect score of the season. Since they are recreating the dance, in comes the snake, giving Alexa a scared look on her face. So how was she this week? I am not sure if she is too confident because of last week’s score but she is not living up to her potential this week. It wasn’t horrible or anything but just not her full potential.

Carrie Ann-8- She thought Alexa missed the essence of the dance

Olivia-7- She called it sexy

Julianne-7- She said Alexa wasn’t as good as last week

Bruno-8- He said it worked very well

Total: 30/40

Bindi and Derek-

I have to say that this is the one dance that made me a bit nervous. The lift is the most famous part of this dance and I haven’t ever seen Derek do a lift before. Jennifer Grey shows up to rehearsal to give Bindi and Derek some advice. Derek was definitely nervous as lifts are not his thing. They started out amazing and totally NAILED the lift! They recreated the dance so well that you would have thought it was Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze out there. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Carrie Ann-10- She said Bindi makes her job so easy

Olivia-10- She said it touched her heart

Julianne-10- She loved the dance details

Bruno-10- He called it blindingly brilliant

Total: 40/40

Paula and Louis-

Here we go again with Paula. She was happy with the 7’s she got last week. She does understand that those scores will not keep her in the competition right? I was a bit surprised by their choice of dance this week. Let’s face it, Madonna and Paula are like night and day, they are nothing alike. Paula is doing her usual out on the dance floor, absolutely nothing. Her costume was hideous, she reminded me of Little Bo Peep. It was just awful, I couldn’t even find one good aspect of this dance.

Carrie Ann-6- She wondered what happened to the Paula from last week

Olivia-6- She said Paula looked gorgeous

Julianne-6- She said the energy just wasn’t there

Bruno-6- He didn’t think it was Vogue

Total: 24/40

Carlos and Witney-

Carlos is clearly not happy about doing this routine since it is a raunchy one and that just isn’t who he is. I think this is one of those dances that people will either hate or they will love, nothing in between. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I loved it. Carlos did some raunchy moves but he also did some actual rumba steps. Also, in the movie, this is a solo dance so kudos to Witney for transforming it into a duet dance. It was hot, it was awesome, amazing job!

Carrie Ann-10- She called it a great routine

Olivia-9- She is speechless and said Carlos missed his calling, jokingly

Julianne-9- She called it the sexiest rumba ever

Bruno-10- He said he thought he experienced all 7 deadly sins in one dance

Total: 38/40

Nick and Sharna-

I think this was another dance I wasn’t too sure about. I mean, after all, Nick is a Backstreet Boy, not a disco dancer. Nick is doing very well channeling his John Travolta, however. It was so much fun to watch Nick and Sharna. They did a great job with the samba steps.

Carrie Ann-9- She said that Nick was in and out of character

Olivia-10- She said Nick brought disco back

Julianne-10- She said it was a true re-invention

Bruno-10- He said the samba incorporation was seamless

Total: 39/40

Alek and Lindsay-

Alek was a bit hard on himself because of last week’s scores. Lindsay brought an actor in to rehearsals that played Elvis in several movies. I think this did him some good to channel his inner Elvis. Oh and the hair…props to the hair and makeup department for Alek’s hair. So, those are the good points. While it was good, it wasn’t great by any means. I just really expected more from him this week. But he just didn’t bring it to the table.

Carrie Ann-8- She saw some improvement

Olivia-7- She said he did a great job

Julianne-8- She said Alek improved but she wants to see him connect more

Bruno-7- He said it was enjoyable but Alek went the wrong way several times

Total: 30/40

Tamar and Val-

Tamar did not have one of her good weeks. She was sick and lost her voice. Val is worried about them staying in the competition so Tamar is determined to give it her all this week. And boy, did she ever bring her A game. That is the Tamar that we all love and enjoy watching.

Carrie Ann-10- She said it was a tough dance but Tamar nailed it

Olivia-10- She loved the choreography

Julianne-10- She called the dance fast and intricate

Bruno-10- He called Tamar the star of the show

Total: 40/40

Judge Leaderboard After Week Six:

  • Tamar & Val- 40/40
  • Bindi & Derek- 40/40
  • Andy & Allison- 40/40
  • Nick & Sharna- 39/40
  • Carlos & Witney- 38/40
  • Hayes & Emma- 32/40
  • Alek & Lindsay- 30/40
  • Alexa & Mark- 30/40
  • Paula & Louis- 24/40


It is elimination time people! Finger crossed that Paula is done with this competition. So, Paula and Louis as well as Alexa and Mark are in jeopardy, while everyone else is safe! Are you kidding me…how can Alexa and Mark be in jeopardy? Well, Paula and Louis are the ones to go home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Did you catch the Dancing with the Stars Week 6 episode? What were your thoughts? Did Paula and Louis deserve to go home? Tell us in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars- Week 6: Famous Dances Night Recap #DWTS

  1. Who doesn’t love Dancing with the Stars! Such a fun and dazzling show to watch! Thanks for the re cap!

  2. I will have to say that I am watching it this season because I have always loved the Irwins. Bindi has not disappointed. They are all doing well, but I am voting for Bindi.

  3. I did not, but my friend posts about it all the time on FB so I follow along with what she says hehe. I am amazed how much talent they have, so impressive.

  4. I am so loving watching this , this year. really have been enjoying watching all the new teams go at it for the win and surprising new twist on the floor..

  5. My Aunt just has to watch this show. She loves. I have not seen it this year. I need to get going on it.

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