What You Need to Throw a Thanksgiving Themed Party

Planning a Thanksgiving party for all your friends during the break from school? Check out your guide to the must-have Thanksgiving party supplies!

When you throw a Thanksgiving themed party for your friends this year, you want to be sure you have all the supplies you need to make it memorable, yet keep with the spirit of the season.  You are going to need a bunch of pumpkins, apples, and paint.  Oh and don’t forget your phone, for lots of selfies!  Here is a list of 5 things that will make your Thanksgiving themed party stand out.

Thanksgiving Party Supplies You Need

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Photo Props:  If you haven’t done a photo booth yet you are missing out on all the fun!  All you need to set it up is a long sheet or other piece of fabric.  You can decide if you want to keep the background white or get a Halloween inspired print with orange and white stripes or purple.  Photo props are so fun to do with your friends! Think of all the fun selfies you will have.

Planning a Thanksgiving party for all your friends during the break from school? Check out your guide to the must-have Thanksgiving party supplies!

Painting Station: I love those tiny little pumpkins!  They are so festive and decorative as they are, but how fun would it be to have a little painting station?  Set out small bowls with googly eyes, some loose glitter, plastic spider rings (if you cut half of the ring part off, the prongs should stick into the pumpkin) and then some paint.  Glow-in-the-dark paint would be fun too!

Thanksgiving Bingo: It is not just an old lady’s game!  You can make your bingo boards out of Thanksgiving stickers.  This time of year I am always seeing fun sparkle pumpkins and scarecrows.  Use those in place of your numbers, and then to mark off your spots use candy corn (no one is going to eat it anyways right?)  You can have a fun prize for the winner too, like ‘The Golden Pumpkin’ that you can spray paint before your party.

Bobbing for Apples: It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving party if you didn’t bob for apples!  A big bucket, water and apples is all you need.  Depending on how big your bucket is, you can have a few people do this at one time.  Be sure to time how many they can get in 30 seconds.  You might want to wear your waterproof mascara that day!  

Pumpkin Dip Bowl: Clean out pumpkin, find a small bowl that will fit inside (or your dip will end up having a slight pumpkin taste), add dip, and veggies and pita chips to the outside.  Everyone always ends up around the veggie dip bowl, but this is one they will be talking about.  And when your party is over, your pumpkin is already gutted and ready to be carved!

Themed parties are so fun, and you just might be starting a fun tradition with your friends!  I know I have never been to a Thanksgiving themed party, but I might start hosting one.  It is such a gorgeous time of year, with all the warm colors, family and friends.

 Have you thrown a Thanksgiving party like this before?  What were some things you did, or if you haven’t what are some things you might do?  Share your ideas below in the comment section!

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18 thoughts on “What You Need to Throw a Thanksgiving Themed Party

  1. I have never had a Thanksgiving Themed party like this one. I like all the wonderful ideas because it would be fun with all the kids and adults and it would be so much fun to have a photo booth, and bingo. I will have to try out some of these ideas!

  2. Those are fun ideas. I host Thanksgiving every year 🙂

  3. I’ve never thrown a Thanksgiving-themed party though I always host Thanksgiving! Might incorporate some of these fun ideas! Thanks

  4. I love Thanksgiving themed parties we are actually having one. We have already began getting our supplies

  5. That was a great idea. We have a Halloween party this year. Thanks for your ideas

  6. I would love a painting station in any party! It’s something that I will definitely enjoy doing.

  7. I love the photo booth idea with the props…..so cute! I also love the Bingo and bobbing for apples. The pumpkin dip bowl is awesome! That would be one fun party!

  8. These would be so great for the grandkids when we go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Between my brother and I, we have 10 kids in total.

  9. Fabulous ideas! I’m sending this to my mom who is planning our Thanksgiving this year. Hoping to incorporate some fun ideas like these!

  10. Love This… Love This. Great idea. I may really think about doing this,

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