Disney’s Planes Halloween Costumes for Kids

Looking for the cutest Planes Halloween Costumes for kids?

We’ve got you covered!

Even though the second film, Planes: Fire & Rescue,  came out in 2014, it still remains a popular flick with kids!

Whether your child wants to be Dusty, the star of the movie, or one of the supporting characters, you’ll find them all below.

Looking for the cutests Disney's Planes Halloween Costumes for Kids? Check out our top favorite costumes inspired by Planes Fire & Rescue!

Plus, we’ve included 20 more fabulous Disney Halloween costume ideas for kids!

Check them out!

Cutest Planes Halloween Costumes for kids

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Since it’s getting harder to find official Planes Halloween costumes for kids right now, I’m breaking this up into three sections.

  • In the first section, you’ll find official costumes and outfits that can be worn as costumes.
  • The second section features Planes-inspired costumes that aren’t movie-specific, but if you have a child with their heart set on a Planes costume and can’t find one that fits, they’ll definitely still work!
  • The third section features 20 Disney Halloween costumes that make fabulous alternatives!

Now that we cleared that up, let’s get started!

Planes Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Dusty Crophopper Costume

Dusty Planes Halloween Costumes for Kids

This officially licensed Dusty Crophopper costume is perfect for kids who want to go as the star of the show!


  • Includes Officially licensed jumpsuit and hat
  • Available in toddler and children’s sizes, ranging from 0-9 months to size 2-4. 
  • When in doubt, go a size larger!

2. Disney’s Planes El Chu Costume

Disney Planes El Chu Toddler Costume



El Chupacabra, a Gee Bee Model R plane, is a legend in Mexico…literally! The Planes character isn’t quite as scary as the real legend, though. In fact, he’s quite a charmer, just like your toddler!

  • This Planes jumpsuit with character name and graphics is an Official Disney Planes Licensed Costume
  • Comes complete with jumpsuit and hat.
  • Shoes are not included.

3. Planes: Fire & Rescue Aviator Hat for Boys

Planes aviator hat Halloween Costumes for Kids

This great hat is one of our favorites! Lined with soft faux shearling, our Planes: Fire & Rescue Aviator Hat for Boys will keep your little flier snug and stylish at every take-off and landing. The chin strap keeps his cap in place even on the bumpiest flights.


  • Faux leather aviator-style hat with ear flaps, decorative goggle stitching on top with embroidered details and shiny eye-piece inserts, and a Planes: Fire & Rescue patch appliqué.
  • It has a faux shearling lining and chin strap with self-stick fabric closure.
  • One size fits most. Made from Polurethane / rayon / polyester.

Complete the look with this cute bomber jacket:

4. Planes: Fire & Rescue Costume for Boys

Planes fire and rescue Halloween costumes for kids Dusty Crophopper

The excitement will soar when your young pilot lands himself in this Planes: Fire & Rescue Costume for Boys. Inspired by the heroic Dusty Crophopper, this one-piece coverall features lots of cool graphics and features.

  • Official Disney Planes Licensed Costume
  •  Includes full-body jumpsuit and matching hat with logo

5. Dusty Crophopper Jumpsuit


Another great Dusty Halloween costume, this one is perfect if you want something that will last through more than just Halloween. It’s great for dress-up time! The costume features:

  • One-piece jumpsuit
  • Plenty of fun graphics from the movie!

Planes-inspired Halloween Costumes for kids

While these aren’t official Planes costumes, they will still work for kids who really want to go as something Planes-related.

6. Toddler Top Gun Costume


Toddler Top Gun Costume

This Planes-inspired costume comes from another hit film about airplanes, albeit fighter jets! Your kids don’t have to be a fan of the movie to love this costume, though. It includes:

  • Jumpsuit with attached Shoe Covers
  • Top Gun Ball Cap
  • Officially Licensed


Top Gun Toddler Costume

7. Ride in an Airplane Costume

Ride in an Airplane Costume

This Ride in an Airplane costume is a super cute alternative to a Planes costume! Heads up, though: it doesn’t include the actual outfit, so you’ll need to add an aviator costume. You can also use a green jumpsuit, or even just regular clothes if your child wants to go as a passenger versus a pilot.

  •  The silver stuffed plane features white & blue stripe details along the flap & wings
  • It’s held in place with two adjustable blue straps
  • One size fits most


Top Gun Toddler Costume

8. Firefighter Costume


Child Fireman Costume

Planes: Fire & Rescue features plenty of firefighters, making this a perfect alternative costume! It’s also fantastic to keep after the holiday for dress-up play!

  • The costume comes with helmet, top and pants.
  • Add on the Firehose Backpack for even more fun!

Top Gun Toddler Costume

9.  Airline Pilot Costume

Child Airline Pilot Costume

Every plane needs a pilot, right? Okay, so the Planes characters kind of ARE their own pilot, but still, there’s no reason why your child can’t pretend to be behind the wheel (do planes have wheels?).

  • This cute costume comes with a shirt front with tie, jacket, pants and hat.
  • Elastic neck tie stretches over neck, so you don’t have to worry about trying to tie it yourself!



Top Gun Toddler Costume

10. American Fighter Plane Costume

American Fighter Plane Toddler Costume

I was on the fence about including this fighter jet costume, because I don’t love that it includes little bombs. However, even though the bombs are sewn on, you could easily snip them off and turn this into a slightly more “peaceful” costume. If you do that, it becomes a really cute Planes-inspired costume!

  • One-piece costume
  • Comes with a hooded tunic that makes up the entire costume, so no little parts to break or lose!


Top Gun Toddler Costume

20 Fabulous Disney Halloween Costumes for Boys

If your kids just don’t fall in love with any of the Planes Halloween costumes, check out these other awesome ideas inspired by Disney!

  1. Peter Pan Child’s Costume 
  2. Prince Charming Costume
  3. Toy Story Woody Classic Costume
  4. Monsters University Mike Toddler Costume
  5. Big Hero 6 Baymax Costume
  6. Mickey Mouse Toddler Costume
  7. Frozen Olaf Toddler Costume
  8. Captain Hook Costume
  9. Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Costume
  10. Star Wars Jedi Knight Costume
  11. Toy Story Alien Classic Costume
  12. Lightening McQueen Costume
  13. Disguise Costumes Mr. Incredible Costume
  14. Star Wars Darth Vader Costume
  15. 101 Dalmatians Toddler Costume
  16. Star Wars Storm Trooper Costume
  17. Disguise Costumes Finding Nemo Costume
  18. Legacy of Tron Costume
  19. Disney Planes Dusty Costume
  20. Monster’s University Sully Costume

Which are your favorite Planes Halloween Costumes for kid? Tell us in the comments!

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