Make an Easy Painted Eggs Easter Craft with Dollar Store Supplies!

Are you looking for an easy Easter craft for  kids that they can make by themselves? Look no more, try this Dollar store craft with your little ones and they will have a blast.

Are you looking for an easy Easter craft for  kids that they can make by themselves? Look no more, try this Dollar store craft with your little ones and they will have a blast. Bonus: it will make a nice Easter decoration too. My daughter and I have a weekly routine, we head to the Dollar store each Friday. She wants to stock up on craft supplies (and sometimes candies). I want to check on new decoration ideas for the home. I guess the trip serves us both.

On her last trip, she discovered an egg painting craft. It came with wooden eggs, ribbons and paint. She was excited to try it. I figured it would keep her busy for a while and it will make a nice Easter decoration.

Easy Easter Craft for Kids: Painted Eggs Dollar Store Craft

Looking for an easy dollar store crafts? Let little ones create adorable Easter decorations by making this painted eggs Easter craft for kids!

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Supplies needed

  • Wooden eggs (we got ours at the dollar store, but you can get them on Amazon too)
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Stickers
  • Egg cartons
  • Varnish (optional)
  • Imagination

Make it

  • The picture says it all: This Easter craft for kids is so easy to make.
  • Dress the kids in old clothes. We don’t want their Easter clothes to get dirty!
  • The hardest part is holding the eggs while painting them. I used egg cartons to hold the eggs. Once the top of the egg was dry, my daughter switched and painted the bottom
  • Once the eggs dry, you can varnish them to seal in the paint.
  • Then let the kids decorate with whatever stickers you have
  • The eggs we bought came with a ribbon to hang them on. It is optional if your eggs don’t come with this.

Painted Eggs Easter Craft for Kids

Voilà. My daughter had fun painting these eggs. She even invited her friend over to have fun decorating with her. The blue one is my daughter’s and the white one is her friend’s. I find both painted eggs beautiful and stylish. How about you?

Do you have a favorite painted eggs Easter craft for kids? Tell us about it in the comments!
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25 thoughts on “Make an Easy Painted Eggs Easter Craft with Dollar Store Supplies!

  1. I will have to look for these wooden eggs, my daughter would love this

  2. What a great way to encourage creativity with the kids! They can experiment with all sorts of ways to paint!

  3. My kids would seriously love to do this! What a fun idea!!

  4. That looks like a good, cheap craft to do with the kids for springtime. Painting eggs is a timeless tradition.

  5. My Bella loves to do art’s and crafts and I am so looking forward to the Easter craft times and making some neat projects for Easter.

  6. Wooden eggs are a great idea. No worries about eggs shells cracking. I love the dollars shop for craft items.

  7. My kids would love to do this! I’m not sure if our store sells wooden Easter eggs, but I’ll check out Amazon too!

  8. Such a fun idea. I think this would be just as fun as using the dyes we use each year!

  9. What a great project for the little ones and so cute. I’ll have to see if our Dollar store has them. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  10. How eggciting that there are wooden eggs available ! my daughter has always wanted to paint eggs and because of an allergy we havent been able to, Im going to search for some ! 🙂

  11. It would be awesome to do these every year to see how her creativity develops.

  12. That’s a really cute idea and nice you can get a kit with everything. The most we have done is dip in one color and then another.

  13. This is such a fun idea for the kids! You can let them hunt the eggs then paint them:-)

  14. These are such a great idea! They are so cute and the kids would have fun doing these.

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