Fitness Activities For Kids: Toddlers

Fitness Activities for Kids: Toddlers

Toddlers have so much energy and while it can be difficult to keep up with them, this is actually a good thing. With all of that energy, you can harness it and use it to teach your child about how much fun being active is. There are a lot of different fitness activities for kids this age, but you as a parent will need to participate since they are so young.

Fun Fitness Activities for Kids in the Toddler Years

You’re an Animal

Toddlers love to play pretend and what better way to get them active than to use their love for pretend play? You and your child can act like a frog and hop around the house, be a snake and “slither” on the floor or pretend to be an ape and walk, making sure you use your arms and legs to make extra-long strides. Want to take it even further? Dress your toddler up in a cute costume and let him really get into the game!

Play Chase

One of the fitness activities for kids that they probably already do is playing chase. I know when my daughter was that age, she loved to chase me and then she would want to be chased right back. She could spend hours playing that game. If your toddler does not have playmates to chase around, then you will need to participate. Even if she does have playmates, playing chase with your toddler is a great way to burn calories!

Copy Me

I would always play a game with my daughter when she was a toddler that included her copying me. We would march, making sure our knees were raised up high and even did leg lifts. I showed her some stretches and she even tried to copy me as I was doing Tae-Bo.

Play Ball

Good fitness activities for kids this age is playing ball. You can experiment with balls of different sizes and weights. Tossing it back and forth, kicking the ball and learning to dribble are all great skills to teach your child and will target specific muscles in their body.

Just Dance

Before putting on a movie or turning on the television set for your toddler, play some music and dance with your child. This is one of those fitness activities for kids that could last well into adulthood and is fun for the whole family. The dance moves don’t have to be perfect, the point is that they are being active and having fun.

Statistics show that kids who engage in fitness during the toddler and preschool years tend to remain active throughout their lives. It is a habit that takes time to develop, but once it is embedded, it is as normal as getting dressed.

What are your ideas on fitness activities for kids? Do you do anything with your toddlers to ensure they stay active?



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