Funny Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

If you’re looking for fun & funny Christmas party games for large groups, you’re in the right spot! Below, we’ll take a look at 10 hilarious ideas that will have everyone laughing in no time.

The best part? Each game works well with anywhere from a few people to a massive holiday bash.

Let’s check them out!

If you're looking for fun & funny Christmas party games for large groups, you're in the right spot! Read on for 10 hilarious ideas!

Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

Christmas is a day to spend with all your loved ones from near and far. Some have family members make the trip from faraway cities and countries.

To get the night going, planning fun activities and games involving everyone in your family enhances the bonding experience.

Create an atmosphere filled with laughter, joy and warmth this holiday season by trying out one of these games!

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1. Christmas Movie Charades

We all know how to play charades, a muted game where the players need to act out words for their teammates to guess the word or in this case, the title of the movie.

The catch is to only choose Christmas movies. It ups the ante of the game since there aren’t as many Christmas movies as regular movies.

It also tests your knowledge of this holiday season and not to mention your acting chops.

Split the party into groups of two, or two large groups to play.

2. Snowball (Marshmallow) Toss

This option requires a rather large group, hopefully around ten people or more.

Have each team stand in a circle about an arm’s length apart.

Have the team members toss marshmallows into the mouth of the person to their right.

If you succeed, you get to leave the circle. The team left with one person standing is the winner!

3. Christmas Guess Who?

Think of Christmas characters, or Christmas characters from a movie to kick it up a notch.

Since the only way to describe Santa Claus would make the game way too easy.

Write the characters on notecards and tape them to each person’s forehead. The objective is to try and guess who your own character is.

You can only do this by asking yes or no questions.

The other team members are also able to ask you questions to nudge you in the right direction. See who at the party is able to get the answer right first!

4. Christmas Two Truths and a Lie

As you might have noticed, it’s easy to play games in a large group. You can take some everyday favorites and put a Christmas spin on them.

For example, Two Truths and a Lie. This game requires each player to answer a question with three answers.

Two of them are truths and one is a lie. It’s up to the other members to refer to their knowledge of this individual to try and figure out the lie.

Ask Christmas related questions such as someone’s favorite Christmas food to make the game more fit for the holiday season.

5. Christmas 20 Questions

The group is again split into two large groups.

A person from each group selects a Christmas object i.e. a candy cane, an ornament, etc.

They keep it behind their backs and have their team members as them yes or no questions to guess what the object is.

The first team to get it right wins! To make it a bit more difficult, switch the roles.

The group chooses an object and one team member who is out of the loop tries to guess it in under 20 questions.

6. Guess the Picture Christmas Edition

Again, divided into two teams, blindfold one of your team members.

A person from the rival team will whisper a Christmas related word into his or her ear.

The blindfolded play must then do their best to draw this object or character on a whiteboard while blindfolded!

Make sure the cloth you use isn’t see through!

It’s much harder than you think to draw blindfolded, especially if you aren’t much of an artist to begin with!

7. Snowball Race

It’s every man or woman for him or herself for this game.

Designate a starting and finish line with painter’s tape. Have the distance be about 3 meters or more.

Everyone has a spoon in their mouths with a marshmallow sitting in the spoon.

Use a tablespoon with a jumbo marshmallow and not a teaspoon with a mini one!

The goal is to see who can make it to the finish line without dropping their marshmallow! it could be turned into a team game by having all the people on your team crossing the finish line to win.

Only have the next person go once the person before you has gone. If your marshmallow drops, you sit out for the rest of the race.

8. Candy Cane Pile

Using a candy cane, preferably a large one to make your life easier, put the straight end in your mouth and try to hook as many candy canes from the pile and drop it into your team’s stocking taped to the side of the table.

Makes sure both piles have an equal number of the striped candy, and you are not allowed to use your hands.

The team with the most candy canes in their stockings when time’s up wins!

9. Rudolph’s Nose

There are many versions of this game floating around on the Internet, but we’ve reached another level of difficulty with this one.

Each player has a red pom pom no bigger than a nickel attached to the end of a string with one end between his or her teeth.

Place a dollop of Vaseline or lotion (Vaseline works better) on the player’s nose.

The goal of the game is to fling the pom pom with the string using nothing but your mouth and get it to stay on your nose.

Even if you’re not playing, seeing your family and friends doing something so comical will make your day.

10. Christmas Stocking Prizes

Fill a lot of stockings (more than the amount of players) with prizes or challenge cards.

You can choose how many stockings are challenges and how many are prizes depending on how difficult you want it.

Those who pick the challenge socks need to do the challenge in order to continue with the game in the hopes of getting prizes.

The ones that were lucky enough to pick a prize the first time around, will most definitely pick a challenge at some point in the game.

Keep playing until all the stockings have been picked.

If you're looking for fun & funny Christmas party games for large groups, you're in the right spot! Read on for 10 hilarious ideas!

Just rereading through this article makes me excited for the holidays! I can’t wait to try some of these with my family. How about you?

Which of these funny Christmas party games for large groups do you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments below!

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